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Back at the showcase, Layla Grant exits the stage as Jeff introduces Edgehill's next huge superstar: Will Lexington. He's all cocky swagger and introduces his new, special song by the best songwriter in Nashville. That would be his good friend Gunnar Scott, who is sitting in the audience looking miserable. And I mean, I get it, but also you just got a HUGE shout-out! It's not like Will stole Gunnar's dead brother's songs. He's giving him full credit and the chance of a big hit. Will sounds great and is embracing his newfound fame through his crotch via the widest-legged stance I have ever seen. Note: doing the splits on stage is not going to boost your hetero cred.

Back in Maryland, Juliette goes to talk to Avery after the show and he kind of blows her off. The humidity in Maryland must be killer because both of them are having exceptionally bad hair moments. Juliette wonders if Avery is pissed that she let Charlie play with them, but of course Avery doesn't care about that. He came to Baltimore because he thought they were friends, so imagine his surprise when he discovered that he's just another guy on the payroll. And I mean…he IS on her payroll. She can't appreciate regular human affection, but he needs to calm down with the knowledge that she does sign his checks. I mean, Glen probably signs his checks, but it's HER signature. Juliette tells him that he's way too sensitive, and he turns it back, saying the problem COULDN'T be that she doesn't trust anyone enough to be her friend. She tells him that that's enough, and he retorts that it's the truth. He goes even further, saying the sad thing is that it's her choice -- she chooses to live unattached, unavailable, no commitment to anyone or anything beyond herself. Juliette tells him that if he doesn't stop talking he's fired, which he takes as proof that he was just the hired help. I mean, tough love, kind of, but give her a break. The girl's got issues.

Jeff then introduces Rayna and her gold lame jeans to the stage at the stockholders' convention. She's honored to be there, of course, and takes the opportunity to talk up her new label, Highway 65 Records. As a very special treat, she introduces…Scarlett. Liam smirks in the audience, while Jeff basically bites his own fist in rage. Scarlett looks like she might throw up as she approaches the stage. Jeff says to his Smithers-esque sidekick Brent, "Who does this woman think she is?" Brent answers, "Someone who clearly doesn't know who you are." Rayna looks back at Jeff, then out into the crowd, knowing that she will reap rewards for this transgression via a late-night boning with Liam. Scarlett sings her song, and it's a new and really sultry one. Not chipmunk-y at all! She rocks her sparkly heels and Rayna looks quite satisfied with the situation.

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