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Orange is the New (Man in) Black
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Previously on Nashville: The Rayna and Juliette rivalry! The Red Lips, White Lies tour! Scarlett got a record deal! Gunnar proposed! Rayna showed up at Deacon's house and said, "I love you, that is the truth!" and then they boned! Peggy announced that she was pregnant with Teddy's illegitimate love child! Lamar demoted Tandy, and in turn she quit! Will put the moves on Gunnar! Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene! Maddie showed up at Deacon's house and said, "I think that you might be my father!" Drunk Deacon…arrghhhhh! And the Rayna and Deacon car crash... oh noooooooo! And the whole time my blood pressure was at a record high, except for when they were talking about the baseball stadium.

We begin the season two premiere with a steaming pile of upside-down Chevy. Nice product placement, eh? In the Chevy Large-mobile, you can argue over a bottle of whiskey, roll over thrice, land upside down, and STILL only end up with a broken hand and induced coma! Spoilers.

In any case, yes, it's the Deacon and Rayna vehicle in its full wrecked glory. There is a grunt, and through a broken windshield we see Deacon's upside-down head, pleading with Rayna to wake up. Okay, first of all, with all the alcohol that he drank, how did he not choke on his own vomit during the crash? And second, what is with the close-up on his bloody stump of a hand being pulled back through the broken window? That is some Walking Dead shit right there. And there is so much drama already in the Post-apocalyptic Zombie Band (PSB) that I don't think it's a good idea for Deacon to join their tour. With his hand pulled back through the window, Deacon sort of wriggles over to Rayna and says, "Come on baby. Baby wake up. You gotta wake up!" She does not wake up. And so, Deacon kicks out the windshield and drags Rayna out of the car and onto the grass. Good call, since there are flames shooting out of the vehicle. Sirens wail as Deacon lays on the grass, breathing heavily with unconscious Rayna on top of him.

And then it's flashback time! Back in happier days, Deacon took Rayna to a house by a river. She's getting ready for CMA rehearsal -- she's just had her first nomination and is dressed like a 90's country ingénue to prove it. He covers her eyes, then takes her inside. She exclaims that it's her dream house, and apparently he's bought it for her. Or at least made a down payment. Deacon's not supposed to make big decisions after rehab (I'm guessing his first) but he says that Rayna wasn't supposed to have to take his drunk ass there in the first place. They kiss, and he thanks her for loving him more than he deserves. They're happy, but also, I'd say, still tinged with a little hint of sadness. It's as if they knew what was coming in the future.

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