I Fall to Pieces

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Orange is the New (Man in) Black

At said celebration, Scarlett holds her apron up in the air in triumph and talks about how much she's going to miss everyone. Avery toasts to her. And…does he work at the Bluebird now? As Scarlett hangs her apron, Gunnar approaches and notes it's been a while since they've seen each other. He's purposefully asked for different shifts, for obvious reasons. Scarlett says it's nice to see him, then in a very Scarlett manner asks if he came from a barbeque. I hope she can use that record advance to buy a new couch! In any case, Gunnar knows why Scarlett said no, and says that "you have to grow up sometime". So he wants to stay at the party. And wait, why did she say no? Other than the proposal was obviously a colossally awful idea? Avery approaches to say that everyone wants Scarlett to do a song. She heads out, giving Avery a chance to snark at Gunnar that he couldn't take no for an answer. Gunnar says, "Guess that makes two of us." There HAS to be someone more interesting in the whole city of Nashville to have a romantic rivalry over than Scarlett, right?

On stage, Scarlett says that she's leaving the Bluebird because of Rayna Jaymes, may all prayers -- and these are legit prayers, not fake-ola Juliette prayers -- be with her. But she wouldn't be singed or singing without the influence of someone in the room, and she wants that person to come up and sing with her. And of course it's Gunnar, because what the hell did Avery ever due to support her music career? The song is called, "Why Can't I Say Goodnight," and it's your standard really beautiful Scarlett and Gunnar fare. And as usual, it provides an excellent backdrop for a multi-character montage! Lacy tries to get busy with Will, and he tells her he's not in the mood. Peggy meets with Teddy, and is crying. He asks if something's wrong and she tells him she heard the baby's heartbeat. Character arc = dumb bitch, continued. Juliette gazes at a photo of her mom and herself as a baby, then puts it on a candle shrine along with a Rayna Jaymes CD. And then cries a bunch. She leaves a message for Scarlett. Deacon takes off his sling, obviously in quite a bit of pain, and lays down on his prison cot. His hair looks awful, too. Rayna is still in her troublingly unglamorous coma.

And then we're back to Scarlett and Gunnar gazing at each other while in song. They end, and she thanks him for singing with her. He didn't want to, but says he did it because you don't give up on people you love. Oh jeez, these guys. Also: shut up, Gunnar. Avery gazes upon the whole scene with a resigned look on his face, much like we all are doing.

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