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Orange is the New (Man in) Black

And then we're at Nashville's Parthenon, which is the scene of Juliette's "Inside the Dream" album release concert. She tells the band that she's added an additional song that they haven't done before and Avery -- who is still her lead guitarist -- seems concerned. Juliette assures him that the band will know it, since it's a classic. Scarlett shows up, but much to Avery's chagrin, she's not there to see him. She wants to talk to Juliette, to see if she'll help pitch in for Deacon's bail. Scarlett got an advance on her record deal and some money from her mom, and is asking for a loan. She'll pay back every penny, but right now she doesn't think Deacon deserves to be in jail. Juliette tells Scarlett to let him go, because addicts are addicts, and all they'll do is think it's a good idea to protect you from a sex scandal via a murder-suicide. Or something. Scarlett leaves, disappointed that she spent so much money on her new scraggly wig with side bangs when the cash could have gone to the Free Deacon fund.

And then we're at Gunnar and Will's housewarming party. Will's skanky beard Lacy introduces Gunnar to her skanky friend Savannah, and awkward Gunnar flirting ensues. The real story, however, involves Will looking back to the kitchen where he sees a handsome dude doing a Jell-o shot. He looks mightily perturbed, and takes Lacy outside for some fresh air / to pray the gay away.

Oh God, and then we have to deal with Teddy and Peggy. How she wasn't one of the axed story lines, I do not know. Anyway, Peggy is still pregnant and despite Teddy's preference is not keen on getting an abortion. She has a doctor's appointment and asks if Teddy wants to come with her. Um, no. He already has a family, says Teddy, and now comas are involved. Peggy talks about how she wants to know the meaningful experience of having kids and blah, blah, blah. Teddy tells her he can offer her financial support and that's it. Thankfully, nobody makes this situation more painful by uttering the words "Cumberland deal."

Then we're back at the hospital, where Lamar is stationed by Rayna's bedside. Tandy enters and says that Teddy and the girls are on their way, and Lamar gets up as hastily as his old thighs can manage. They both look at Rayna for a while, and then at the TV, where every minute of every show is interrupted for a very special report about Rayna's current condition. The reporter notes that in a tragic coincidence, Rayna's mother Virginia died in a fiery crash when Rayna was only twelve. Lamar shuts off the TV, because, well, he killed her. I mean, maybe. Spoiler alert! Anyway, Lamar says that he wasn't there for their mother, and it might have made a difference if he had been by her bedside. Tandy tells him that it wasn't his fault that he was out of town when it happened. OR WAS IT? She suggests that Lamar talk to comatose Rayna, then leaves the room so he can do so in privacy. Lamar strokes Rayna's hair and asks her to forgive him…for everything.

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