I Fall to Pieces

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Orange is the New (Man in) Black

And then we're back to Juliette's concert, where lots of fans are cheering and holding glow sticks. Juliette wants to take a moment and talk about someone who's very important to her -- Miss Rayna Jaymes. Yes, barf, particularly with the ensuing slide show. Juliette sweetly says that she never imagined that she'd share the stage with her idol, who is now a mentor and friend. And tonight may be about launching her album, but without Rayna's inspiration and influence, Juliette wouldn't even be there. Avery, standing in the shadows on stage, can not even believe the load that he's in such close proximity to. Until Rayna gets better, Juliette would like to continue her tradition…by singing her song "This Love Ain't Big Enough." Rayna needs to snap out of that coma and walk on stage, flat hair and all, and take care of business.

Oh boy, and then it's time for Will to confront the mysterious Jello shot dude who is obviously, duh, some sort of gay lover. Jell-o guy seems to know Will well enough, though he didn't know that he was coming to a party at Will's place. He thinks the whole situation is incredibly sad, which it is. Will gets close to him, puts a hand on his chest, then grabs his collar and pushes him hard against the wall. They stand locked in that position for a moment, in which Will totally gets a look like he wants to kiss Jell-o shot, and Jell-o shot makes the slightest move toward him. And then Will hits him in the face and makes it a big deal like Jell-o shot made an unwanted advance. Will orders him out then cuddles up closer to his beard. Gunnar is like, "Finally, someone more messed up than me!"

Back to Juliette. She takes things nine steps too far as she tells the crowd that it's hard being so close to where Rayna is fighting for her life, and even harder not to be able to tell Rayna that she's praying for her. Praying! So now she wants all of her fans to bring their glow sticks and prayers over to the hospital, which is where she's going now to visit her very, very good friend. As they walk offstage, Avery tells Juliette that it was interesting how she was in most of the photos of Rayna that were projected. Just a friendly observation, he says. Minus the friendly part, obviously. Anyway, he can't take his glow stick to the hospital because he's going to a party at the Bluebird for Scarlett's last shift. Obviously peeved that someone has the nerve to call her on her shit, Juliette gives Avery the friendly observation that Scarlett is just not that into him. So these two are going to bone in…episode three? Six?

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