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Orange is the New (Man in) Black

Then we're at the hospital, where Juliette has arrived amidst a swarm of fans who are brandishing glowsticks and tweeting #prayforrayna. She waves to her fans for coming out "for Rayna," and gives a "God bless you" for emphasis. As she walks toward the hospital entrance, Glenn tells her that they probably won't let anyone but immediate family into the ICU. She obviously knows this, and says she couldn't handle it anyway and that the car should meet them around back. So skeevy! But karma meets her in the form of sweet Maddie, who comes out of the hospital thrilled that Juliette has come to support the family and gives her a big hug. Juliette has that, "Boy, am I an asshole" face down pat.

Once in the hospital, Juliette is totally sweet as Maddie tells her not to ask how she's doing. Juliette agrees, and probably she's not that interested anyway. Maddie asks if Juliette's mom ever lied to her. Um, yes. We got that. Maddie says that sometimes she wishes she had somebody to talk to, since there isn't anybody who understands. Juliette takes Maddie's phone and puts in her own number, saying that she understands. Now, don't get me wrong, I love me some Juliette.

However…I don't know that she's exaaaactly the best person to be doling out advice on mother-daughter relations. It would be like Miley Cyrus mentoring youth around how to enter your 20s with grace and dignity. But she says that Maddie can call her anytime she needs somebody to talk to. And then Maddie says that Rayna's coma is all because of her. She explains that she was snooping through Rayna's not very well hidden boxes, and discovered that her dad isn't her dad. So of course she went to Deacon and asked if he was, and he didn't know. And then he got drunk and almost killed Rayna, the end. Juliette looks quite scandalized by this news, while Maddie blames herself for snooping in the first place. Juliette tells her that she's not responsible for any of this, and has tears in her eyes as she hugs Maddie hard. Teddy comes down at that moment and Maddie says proudly, "Look who came to see mom."

Then there's Scarlett, who almost missed her own going away party due to Deacon yelling at her. Zoey asks how Deacon is, and the answer is not great. Scarlett is not great either, and Zoey -- who has known her since the first grade -- wonders what he said to her. Scarlett just cries and wonders if everybody else is right about Deacon and she's wrong. Zoey -- whose accent is…questionable -- wants Scarlett to turn off the tears and get through this so everybody can celebrate her damn success. I'm guessing Zoey is an enthusiast of tough love.

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