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The Girlfriend Experience
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Previously: Rayna wanted to sign Scarlett as a solo artist after Gunnar was a no-show at their meeting due to dead brother rage/grief. All the woodchucks in the forest became VERY worried about how this would affect their king and queen's burgeoning romantic relationship. Deacon found a romantic interest who wasn't a lead on the Red Lips White Lies tour, while Juliette found a spot in her entourage for her rehabbing mom and mom's hot sober coach. Rayna gave Maddie her first guitar, while Avery seemingly burned his chances at ever making it in the music business along with his Dominic-produced masters.

We enter in New York City! Streets paved with gold! Rayna, Tandy and the girls are in a limo, which seems like an awfully nice way to see New York if you're a tween on spring break. The Red Lips White Lies tour has docked for a couple of days for shows at Brooklyn's Barclays Center, and Rayna is looking forward to doing some shopping and sightseeing with the kids. Maddie, meanwhile, is looking forward to hanging out backstage on the tour and talking to Juliette Barnes. She has no interest in museums or culture, even now that she's been smashed in the head by a bookshelf at Juliette's show. That's a loyal fan. The group then notices a giant billboard of Rayna in Times Square, from back when she sold out and shot those makeup ads. They joke about how she's huge -- literally! -- but Rayna is more impressed by the fact that she gets to spend time with the girls. And really, wouldn't it make more sense all around if she'd landed a hair product campaign?

Juliette and crew arrive in New York, which Jolene says is cleaner than she thought it would be. That's because her previous experience of New York likely centered around the Port Authority. Juliette tries to dump her mom on Emily, but Jolene suggests that they go see a Broadway show. But Juliette is too busy doing the lame rollout for her new single. Dante reminds her that she has a lot to be thankful for, and she snarkily chants that she's zen, positive and focused. Until, that is, she sees the giant billboard of Rayna -- right outside the window of her room. Well, isn't that a nice little karmic whopper!

Back in Nashville, Deacon, Sue and hot vet girlfriend -- whose name we finally learn is Stacy -- have coffee and snuggle time in the backyard. We learn that they've now been together for a month and have hardly spent any time apart since their first date. Also, she buys him fresh fruits and vegetables. So things are looking up for ol' Deke! She's not quite ready to bid him adieu as he heads back on the road, and so he suggests that she come with him. Seriously! Either Deacon really has no sense of the interpersonal awkwardness that is to come, or he's just trying to make Rayna jealous. Either way, the plane leaves today. And it's not like Stacy has a real job that she's been at for only five weeks or anything. She climbs on him to give him a kiss and ask if she'll be in his way, and I can't even imagine how we are to believe that they have any romantic chemistry when she is wearing freaking KEDS. Who IS this person and why is she delaying the inevitable Rayna and Deacon "reunited and it feels so good" hot sex scene?

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