I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

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Four(teen) Tragedies and a Funeral

Back at Deacon's place, it's night. Cole calls Rayna while Deacon sleeps it off. He tells her to stay where she is because it's bad. Deacon finally wakes up and says, "Oh God." Cole tells him that's a good first call, since Deacon might need Him. That's probably why Deacon hates AA. Cole says that there are a lot of people worried about Deacon, and adds that Rayna told him what happened. Deacon isn't ready to talk about it, but says he'd like to go to a meeting. First, though, he'll grab a shower and coffee. Cole wants to help, but Deacon says he doesn't have to be a babysitter. Deacon gets what he's done -- thirteen years of sobriety in the shitter. All he can do is go get his welcome chip at the 8:00 meeting. Cole says he'll be there.

We cut to Rayna -- still with her uber-gorgeous funeral hair! -- talking to Maddie. Maddie is still mad (Mad Maddie!), but Rayna doesn't want her to be mad forever, since they need each other. She tells Maddie that she married Teddy because she loved him, but also because she wanted Maddie to have a father who loved her as much as Rayna does. And Rayna loves Maddie more than anybody in the world. Poor Daphne, always number two despite being the cutest and most pleasant child of all time. Rayna says that she's never ever going to leave Maddie, and too-big Maddie gets into Rayna's lap and hugs her. Well, we get at least one sigh of relief before going on to horrorshow part deux.

Just as that little crack of light has opened, we go back to Deacon, washing his face in the sink. Maybe his version of a shower is a sponge bath? No wonder Rayna left his ass in rehab. He looks at himself in the mirror, gets some aspirin from a jar, then picks up an incoming call from Juliette. He instantly apologizes for not being at the funeral, but Juliette says it's her fault for pushing him away. She tells him that she's having a memorial service at the Bluebird, and it would mean a lot if he came. He says he'll be there. She thanks him and hangs up. Ideally, Deacon's connection with Juliette could help get him back on the straight and narrow, but I have a feeling she may not want to go through the getting-sober rigmarole with another person just yet. And then Deacon washes down his aspirin with whiskey straight from the bottle. Say it again: NOOOOOOOOOO!

And then we see Teddy meeting up with Peggy in a shadowy parking garage. Have these two learned NOTHING? Now I'm reminded why we hated Teddy in the first place. I guess I am Team No One. I am Team "I Choose Me." Teddy tells Peggy that he doesn't know why, but the feds are looking at the Cumberland deal again. She knows because she met with them. He seems to think that she set this all in motion, and she tells him that they approached her and offered immunity. She makes Teddy ask what she told them before she says, "Nothing." He wonders why she wouldn't cut a deal to save herself. It's because she's pregnant, like everyone predicted. When they do the paternity test and find out that Deacon is the father, it's going to be REALLY awkward. Just at this moment, Dashell Brinks approaches the newly unemployed Tandy, who's walking out of the Wyatt Industries building. (I actually have no idea what his company is called. Maybe Evildoers, LLC?) He wants to talk to her about her father. Whatever you may say about the improbably-named Dashell Brinks, he really has impeccable timing.

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