I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

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Four(teen) Tragedies and a Funeral

And then we're at the Bluebird. Juliette is on stage, and Rayna, Marshall, Glenn and Emily are part of the packed audience. Juliette explains that her mother was far from perfect. She was a mess, but she was Juliette's mess, and her mom, and Juliette loved her anyway. And Jolene loved Juliette in turn. Jolene's biggest dream was to see Juliette sing at the Bluebird, and Juliette hopes her mama is there tonight. Avery is playing guitar as Juliette starts singing a song about how nothing in the world will ever break her heart again. It is of course the perfect song for everything that's happening now. If Nashville knows how to do one thing, it's to put together a flawless final song montage of multi-character action. We see Deacon standing in the back of the Bluebird, having just entered. Rayna spots him and gets out of her seat to go to him. Understandable, but also rude! Let Juliette sing her song without distraction! Marshall looks after them, knowing that no good can come from this. Deacon exits and Rayna follows him out the door. She wants to talk, but he gets in his car and tells her to go inside. She asks if he's drunk. Well, obviously. She tells him to slide over because she's not letting him drive. He screams at her to let him go. Dude, CALL A CAB. Ugh. Horrors.

We then see Scarlett warily approaching Gunnar at some outdoor venue before cutting to Rayna driving Deacon's car as he drinks straight from his bottle of whiskey. He looks at her, and she looks out the window. They are both silent. We flash back to Gunnar and Scarlett sitting on a swinging bench before going back to Deacon's big bottle of whiskey, and eventually Deacon and Rayna screaming at each other as she drives. Then we cut to Will at a bar with his new beard. A guy from across the bar gets up and makes eye contact with Will, obviously recognizing him. From the fear on Will's face and his subtle "no" head shake, you can tell what their relationship is. Just when we thought nothing in the world would ever break our hearts again. Juliette continues to emote the heck out of the song, as we see Gunnar get down on his knees and propose. But really: Get married, don't get married, have a thrupple with Will and appear on the second season of Polyamory: Married and Dating. I have a mere half a shit to give you at this point, fairy-like creatures of the forest! There are more pressing matters going down.

So, Rayna and Deacon. You guys, it's the worst. Remember how we used to see them and be all, "Oooooh, eye sex sexytimes sex true love hair!"? They were the best of times and we didn't even know it, and now they are but a distant memory. Rayna and Deacon are full on screaming at this point (though you don't hear them because this is all still happening to the soulful sounds of Juliette singing the broken heart song), and Rayna makes a few grabs for the bottle, quite possibly because she needs a drink to get through all this. It's really an effective scene a) because it's just so horrible; b) we get to see the full extent of how rotten their relationship was before Deacon got sober and why Rayna married Teddy. What I still don't get is why exactly Rayna was so bad for Deacon in the first place. The torture of the eye sex sober years I understand, but what was the problem in the early days of their relationship other than Deacon's drinking? Anyway, horrors, horrible, rotten, terrible, everything is ruined. EVERYTHING! Neither of them will ever be able to trust one another again, if they even can survive to next season -- because as Rayna makes another grab for the bottle and the two scream at each other some more, Rayna misses a stop sign and swerves to avoid a car that's in front of them. Their car flips over a whole bunch of times and ends upside down in a ditch. Juliette finishes her song, and we're out. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! And you think, of COURSE they're not going to die because they're the stars of the show, and all I can say is: shut up, that one article I read intimating that Connie Britton is not happy on this show. I am distraught enough without entertaining that possibility.

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