I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

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Four(teen) Tragedies and a Funeral

Meanwhile, Gunnar heads into the studio early to see his producer, Jack. Jack is quite proud that he was able to find Gunnar's recent mug shot, since it's a very marketable (if not proud, in Gunnar's eyes) moment. Gunnar then explains that the outlaw image isn't real, and that he's been stealing his dead brother's lyrics and, in some sense, his life. Jack argues that plagiarism is, in fact, outlaw, and tells Gunnar that he's fine. Gunnar says that he can't keep up the act, adding that he's passionate about his other ballad-y material. Jack explains that he's not interested in the ballads; he's interested in the outlaw junk. When Gunnar says, "But my girlfriend's not," Jack lays down and tells Gunnar that he's not serious about his career, and should actively try not to be the guy who throws it all away for some girl he's not going to remember in ten years. But how could Gunnar ever forget Scarlett when every piece of nibbled cheese he sees will remind him of her cute critter ways?

Speaking of the girl Gunnar isn't going to remember in ten years, she's sitting alone at an outdoor restaurant. Will (who is on a date... with a girl!) runs into her and thanks her for bailing him out. He adds that Gunnar spent the night on his couch, and that the two of them should talk and try to work things out. Just then Avery shows up and Will says, "...Maybe you don't want to." Awkward! Will leaves and Avery sits down just in time for Scarlett to make a "whisk" pun. She then reveals that Gunnar wasn't at the Opry show, and Avery can't believe it, noting that Scarlett was truly great. He says that Scarlett is an artist and always has been, and regrets that Gunnar was the one who brought it out in her. He says he hopes that Gunnar is treating her right, and Scarlett says that he's got a few things to work out and she needed a break. Well that is spoken like a lady who is opening a door. Avery claims to be sorry to hear that, and Scarlett laughs and tells him that he isn't. In horrible news, Avery has cultivated an especially scraggly soul patch in hopes of seducing Scarlett's scraggly weave once again. He tells her that he has a gig tonight that she could swing by to see, if she is so inclined. Scarlett smiles a little scraggly smile, and everyone is in trouble.

And then Deacon shows up at Juliette's place. He asks Emily how she's doing, and Emily admits things aren't so hot. Dead-eyed Juliette comes to the door, looking not particularly happy to see her old friend and recently retired bandleader. He tells her that he knows they've been having problems, but he still cares about Juliette and cared about her mom. Juliette seems to blame Deacon for bringing Jolene back into her life, or at least keeping her there. She says she knew that Jolene would never stay clean, and when Deacon explains he was trying to help, Juliette suggests that he stop trying to help people who can't be helped. Herself included, I'm guessing. Deacon gives one last attempt, wondering if there's anything he can do. She says he can leave so she can get ready. Get ready for what, you (and Deacon) may ask? For the CMAs. Because the finale should be as full of good decisions for Juliette as the rest of the season has been.

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