I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive

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Four(teen) Tragedies and a Funeral

And I have to say, the one thing that gave me a bit of comic relief during this episode was a commercial for my local 11:00 news with this scintillating teaser: "A Plainville boy wins fame with his geography skills! At 11."

And then we're back with Teddy explaining to his lawyer how Peggy helped him borrow $2 million that one time. E.g., embezzlement. Teddy explains that he paid the money back, but during his mayoral campaign there was an audit that "got handled" by Lamar. The lawyer thinks that they may be able to cut a deal for Teddy if they can tie Lamar to it, but Teddy assumes he's the one who tipped off the feds in the first place, which he wouldn't do unless he was untouchable. Of course he doesn't know about the Tandy/Cole factor. The lawyer explains that if the feds find the smoking gun and indict, they'll go to trial. If they lose, Teddy will go to federal prison, which will make Maddie's year even better. But the smoking gun is a necessary element, and the lawyer guesses that they'll try to find it via Peggy. And then the dirt they'll have on Teddy is the ground.

We cut to Rayna crying to Coleman that Deacon isn't picking up or returning her phone calls. She has a bad feeling that he's in trouble, and if he goes into this cycle again it will destroy him, and destroy them. I am sorry to tell her that, in the words of Juice Newton, it's a little too little, it's a little too late. Cole would have hoped that Teddy would have called him first, and Rayna conveniently leaves out that she shared his helpful advice from thirteen years ago. He does note that if Deacon's been drinking, it's better that he finds him sans Rayna. Because there is a second season, so everybody can't just die tragically. OR CAN THEY?

And then the dive bar owner finds Deacon passed out in a booth, just out of the way of the morning sun. He says he doesn't have to go home but can't stay there. Wouldn't that have happened, like, six hours ago? Get on it, bartender!

And then Juliette answers the door to find Glenn. He hands her the CMA Award, saying that she won. She sets it down and asks, "Anything else?" in her typical salty way. He simply says, "Yeah," and hugs her. Awwww, Glenn. We see how his new toupee doesn't quite blend in the back, and somehow it makes the moment even sweeter. Juliette starts to tear up, and I think we can all hope that Glenn gets his job back.

We cut to Rayna, sitting in her car at the cemetery. She's leaving a message for Deacon, of course, begging him to call her back and telling him that she loves him. She hopes he'll be at the funeral. But nay, Deacon actually is on the lawn of city hall, running up to Teddy and shoving him to the ground. He starts screaming about how Teddy stole his life and his daughter, and also kind of trying to choke Teddy. Happily, security is on hand. Teddy yells back that Deacon wasn't capable of being a father, and hasn't changed at all. Deacon screams that Teddy doesn't know him, but Teddy in fact feels that he does. He yells that Maddie deserved better, and so did Rayna. In fact, Rayna deserved a thousand times better than Deacon. And really... aren't you totally Team Teddy right now? I know I'm at least thinking about getting my membership card. Teddy tells the police officers to let Deacon go, which is the WRONG CALL. Oy.

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