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Red Lips, White Lies
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Previously: Everybody was going on tour! Deacon joined legendary rockers The Revel Kings, while learning about Teddy's embezzlement scheme led Rayna to consider hitting the road with Juliette. Avery dumped his bandmates for a shot at stardom, and Juliette left Sean "Tim Tony Kris Tebow Romo Humphries" at the altar, despite the fact that they were already legally married and once sang an acoustic version of "Love Like Mine" in her private plane. I'm guessing it wasn't quite as charming as when Julia Roberts did it in that movie.

We start off in San Diego, where Rayna and Juliette are having a press conference for their "Red Lips, White Lies" tour. A reporter notes that the tour was put together awfully quickly, and asks if they're ready to perform for 30,000 fans. Rayna explains that they've spent the past two weeks doing smaller shows in fantastic towns such as Tucson and Oklahoma City, then throws it to Juliette who says that they've got it down pat and are going to give San Diego fans a hell of a show. If they don't blind each other through various claw-based activities first, that is. Another reporter asks if fans will have to worry about anyone running off at the last minute and leaving them high and dry. Juliette is all, "Haha, and also now I am going to have you killed." She refuses in advance to answer any more questions about her newfound status as runaway bride, since "they're called personal matters for a reason." And really, she might consider not wearing white dresses to these events if she truly wants people to forget the altar desertion. Another reporter notes that this is Rayna's first tour without Deacon, and asks if it's been a tough adjustment. She tells him that change is always challenging, but they've got a wonderful crew and her fans are going to get the best Rayna Jaymes show they've ever seen. Juliette pipes in to add, "But the first one for most of mine," and Rayna is forced to fake-laugh while Juliette real-smirks. So, I guess these two really bonded over the past two weeks, huh?

With that we're in Little Rock, where The Revel Kings are getting back on their tour bus. Carmen walks with Deacon and gives him a big kiss, drawing the attention of lead singer Cy, who is surrounded by a number of hot, autograph-seeking chicks but apparently wants ALL the poon for himself. As she bids Deacon adieu, Carmen says that maybe after she turns in her article she can meet up with him for a while. Deacon is all, "...Ehhhhhhh," and while shaking her head and saying that he's the same old Deacon, Carmen tells him to be kind to himself. Note that Deacon does NOT agree to this condition. Cy walks over to Carmen and asks if she's got all she needs from him. She most certain does. He asks about doing a follow up, and she gives him a dismissive, "Just... call me" and walks away. Cy then tells Deacon not to let it go to his head, since Cy didn't even try. Deacon counters that it looks like Cy tried real hard, and the other Kings laugh. Cy is NOT amused.

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