I'm Sorry For You, My Friend

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Red Lips, White Lies

Back in San Diego, Juliette has now taken the stage in a truly hideous and unflattering dress. There's a lingering shot on her drinking from water bottle, which at first I thought was maybe vodka and would lead to her getting really wasted and terribly awesome on stage. But, no luck. She looks down at the set list, which has "Love Like Mine" crossed out, as if they wouldn't just print a new set list that omitted it. And surprise, she sings it, and dedicates it to someone that she used to know, and who used to know her. Eloquent as always! But you know, she's crying those black mascara tears... on the inside. I'm sure Sean is actually hoping that he never finds another love like hers, too. Offstage, Bucky tells Rayna that Juliette is good... but Rayna is better. Just like a good manager would. Tonight is a big victory for Rayna, Bucky says, just like tomorrow might be a big victory for Teddy. And with that, Rayna is finally guilted into going home for the election results. So I guess Bucky is a good friend, too.

Back at the Austin Hilton, Deacon explains the concept of "housekeeping" to Scarlett, who is making the bed. She apologizes for getting Deacon fired from the band, and Deacon explains that the incident only gave him good reason to leave. Plus, it's him who should be apologizing for the fact that she almost got raped by his bandmate. Deacon used to think that Cy was a jerk because he was a drunk, but it turns out that he's just a jerk because he's a jerk. In any case, Deacon tells Scarlett that she handled herself pretty well, and she mumbles that she dropped his stupid ass. She wonders if Cy always had bad manners, and Deacon explains that some guys don't know how to be humble about their talent. Everyone starts treating them like a God, and soon they think that everyone is just there to serve them.

And speaking of "some guys," Avery pulls up in Dominic's Mustang. Marilyn, who is waiting on the sidewalk, notes that he never came home last night, and he says he was talking with Dominic about his contract. Dominic said that the deductions are standard, which he would of course say, according to Marilyn. She then tells Avery she hopes he didn't buy a car. How could he, he wonders, since he hasn't gotten a penny since hooking up with Marilyn? She tells him that things take time, and he tells her that he singed the contract, and the car was his bonus. Marilyn thinks that's very 1950s of Dominic, to give Avery a big toy instead of a six figure advance. She's actually pretty mad that Avery talked to Dominic without her, saying that her job is to represent him or protect his interests. Avery counters that her job is to work for him, and he wants to work with Dominic. So Marilyn can either get on board or get out of his way. Also probably this means that he's not going to bang her anymore.

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