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Red Lips, White Lies

Meanwhile, Juliette gets a surprise as she's signing autographs outside of the venue in San Diego -- she's served with papers to appear in family court the following day for an annulment hearing. Juliette pouts that Sean doesn't in fact want to hear from her -- he wants to pretend that their whole whirlwind fake then real then devirginizing romance and marriage never happened. And I mean, well, yeah. But she doesn't care what he says -- they're married, and it can't just be erased. They were married for about twelve minutes! I'm Team Sean on this one, even though he seems like a total doofus too. You can't just take someone's maidenhood under false pretenses and expect no consequences!

Liam enters Rayna's dressing room and wonders if he's actually at a funeral or in a hospital room, given the insane amount of flowers within. Nobody sends Liam flowers before a show, and Rayna guesses it's because people like her better. An assistant then comes in with a box, which is a gift from Rayna to Liam in thanks of his exclusive three-show deal. They're cowboy boots, and Rayna lets out an excited, "Welcome to country music! For your big opening night!" Her extreme cuteness is tempered by Liam's unenthusiastic response of, "Huh... thanks." Oh, just put on the boots! They're totally nice!

Back in Austin, Scarlett walks with Deacon through the arena where The Revel Kings are playing and notes that it must be a hell of a thing to play in such a gargantuan place. But Deacon says that he honestly prefers the Bluebird. I mean, who wouldn't, really, aside from the fact that you make pennies versus zillions of dollars. They run into Cy, and Scarlett is clearly starstruck. When Deacon introduces her as his niece, Cy grabs her hand like a true creeper and asks if she's there to see her uncle back him up. Oh, just whip it out and take measurements and settle this once and for all! Cy continues to be a creeper, and Scarlett continues to be easily impressed before Deacon pulls her to safety. FOR NOW.

In San Diego, Juliette is soundchecking with "Boys and Buses." She has a red microphone, in going with the "Red Lips, White Lies" theme and also because she is the devil. "Love Like Mine" is next to run through, but Juliette doesn't want to do it. She lays down the law that her set won't include "Love Like Mine" tonight or any night. Oh, because it's such a meaningful, tender song. Riiiiiiight. Despite the fact that it appears to be one of her biggest hits, she prefers to act like the song never existed, and that she never sang a sweet acoustic version of it with Sean on a plane and felt an actual feeling.

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