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Red Lips, White Lies

Back in San Diego, Rayna is having her hair done by a fugitive Osmond wearing a Western shirt. What's HIS story? This show needs more compelling minor characters, and I think this guy might be the solution! Liam enters, wearing his regular old shoes. When Rayna asks where the boots are, he says they didn't work. They weren't too small, they were broken. After all, he put them on, clicked his heels three times, and still didn't turn into Deacon. Rayna is all, "WHAT?" and Liam says that he doesn't play like Deacon, sing like Deacon, or wear cowboy boots like Deacon. Also he doesn't pout like Deacon, bang Juliette like Deacon, throw away magazines with himself on the cover like Deacon, or have mysterious past histories with dead guys named Vince like Deacon. These are all good things! Trying to turn Liam or anyone else into Deacon is not going to solve Rayna's problem, which is fear of being on the stage and having it feel different than it has for the past twenty years. Rayna shakes her Osmond-generated curls and says that she's not scared. Liam's reply? "You're scared." And then he walks out, like the sage truth-teller that we now know him to be. Maybe he also has a master's degree in psychology?

Back in Atlanta, Avery hunts down Dominic, who's just about to get into his vintage Mustang, to talk about the contract. Marilyn is conspicuously absent. Dominic correctly guesses that Marilyn said the contract was a bad deal, then tells Avery that she's small-town and deals primarily with local talent. She struck gold with Avery, and the more money he makes, the more money she'll make. She's just trying to eat, says Dominic. And be eaten, I'd say. Whereas Dominic is investing time, money and talent into branding Avery as a big star. And he doesn't want Avery to become a big star then turn around and leave him, which I guess is where the contract stipulations come in. He suggests taking a ride in the Mustang to discuss it further, and actually hands the keys to Avery. This is a real "taking candy from strangers" moment, isn't it?

After The Revel Kings' show, Scarlett gushes to Deacon backstage. Cy sees them and sends Deacon over to sign a guitar for a "wheelchair kid." A real humanitarian, that guy is. He then grabs Scarlett's hand so he can take her to the room where the "real party" is happening. She thinks she should wait for Deacon, but Cy tells her that he'll catch up. Scarlett is particularly impressed by some artwork on the wall, which, no lie, features a fairy princess talking to a crown-wearing frog as deer watch. "That reminds me of back home in the tree trunk!" she must be thinking. And then Cy looks at her just like the Big Bad Wolf.

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