I'm Sorry For You, My Friend

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Red Lips, White Lies

It turns out that Juliette's private jet has landed in Oakland, California, where Sean apparently has a game. She approaches him outside of the stadium, and he wonders if she's gone from ignoring him to stalking him. He knows that she has a big show, and she says that Rayna's opening and she can get back in an hour. I don't think Rayna would like the term "opening," but happily she's not there to object. Juliette reminds Sean that it's quicker to get a divorce than an annulment, but he's in no hurry to give her what she wants. Juliette, in turn, is in no hurry to stand in front of a judge and admit that she committed fraud. But Sean DOES think that she committed fraud, given that she knew what marriage meant to him. In addition to devirginizing him under false pretenses, she also embarrassed his parents and broke his little sister's heart, and hasn't bothered to apologize for any of it. Juliette wonders if he saw the CMT interview because she hasn't yet really grown to understand what "human emotions" are. Sean wants Juliette to take responsibility for what she did and figure out how the born-again virgin process works, and she wants him to sign the divorce papers. But Sean only plans on getting married once... to the right woman. And that woman is not Juliette. Thus, he wants an annulment. For serious.

Back in Austin, Cy clears out the rest of the "real party" room while Scarlett is distracted looking at fairy pictures. He starts stroking her hair and complimenting her looks, and Scarlett politely tells him that he might have the wrong impression. Actually, it was she who had the wrong impression, unless that impression was, "This creeper is totally going to try to rape me." Outside, Deacon finally realizes that Scarlett is missing just as Cy is pushing her against the wall. Deacon looks around, and one of the other band members motions to the "real party" room, which is being guarded by security. The security guard, whose name is Mike, says that he works for Cy and won't let Deacon in. But then Deacon gets Hulk-like strength and pushes the big guy out of the way. He rages into the room because no one thought that locking the door was a key component of a successful rape plan. Scarlett knees Cy in the balls, and then Deacon grabs him and throws him into a table and starts choking him. While security restrains Deacon, Cy yells that this is his band and Deacon is just visiting. Deacon quits just before Cy can fire him, and Scarlett has to pull him away to prevent him from taking one last shot at Rapey McSmalldong. Rock stars, man.

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