I'm Sorry For You, My Friend

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Red Lips, White Lies

Juliette has arrived back in San Diego just in time to bump into Liam backstage. He apologizes, which leads her to note that he should also apologize for the soundcheck incident. But he doesn't apologize for calling people on being rude. Juliette of course doesn't think she was being rude, leaving Liam to say she's never wrong and never responsible for anything that happens around her. And that is Liam's sage-truth-telling moment for this segment of the show!

Meanwhile, in Austin, Gunnar returns to the motel after picking up Chinese food, only to find Jason packing all of his clothes into a paper bag. Jason turns around and Gunnar sees a gun in the back of his pants. Wouldn't it be great if he shot his own buttocks right now? The gun is of course a violation of Jason's parole, and what's more, Jason has apparently hawked Gunnar's guitar to get it. Finally a realistic depiction of family dynamics! Gunnar yells that Jason will be back in prison by tomorrow, and Jason in turn says that Gunnar would be gone before he got there. He then yells that Gunnar left him "in that parking lot," to which Gunnar counters that he was sixteen years old, and watched Jason put a gun in a clerk's face. Not a day has gone by when Gunnar doesn't feel guilty about leaving Jason, but also he wasn't the one who robbed the store. Gunnar has never been able to get his mind around how the same guy who looked after him, protected him, made his lunches and taught him how to play guitar could end up like Jason. Jason says, "He screwed up," and prepares to leave. He turns before he exits, though, and says, "I'm just glad you didn't." He then hugs a super-sad Gunnar and walks out the door. Well, at the least I'd think this would generate some good songwriting material. Being a country singer means there's an automatic silver lining to every tragic situation.

Cut to San Diego, where Rayna is basking in her own copious amount of sequins and the audience's adulation. She asks them to give a warm welcome to her new co-conspirator, Liam McGuinness, and then the band launches into "Buried Under." It sounds great and the crowd loves it, and she and Liam do that thing where they lean against each other's backs and rock out. Backstage, Juliette looks at her wedding ring and has a sad.

And hey! It's Coleman! It's the night before the election, and his wife is picking out something to wear that will befit the new Mrs. Mayor. But whatever happens, she says, she loves him. Meanwhile, Teddy sits alone in his bedroom and turns off the TV when a story about Rayna's tour comes on. Wah waaaaaah.

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