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My Two Dads
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Previously on Nashville: Lamar got arrested for evildoing, and Rayna hated to see his old self in the clink. Despite his own feelings on the matter, Teddy told Deacon that he had a responsibility to try to not be an enormous fuck-up, for Maddie's sake. Zoey broke the "girl code" (also known as "decent human" code) by banging Gunnar repeatedly, and proclaimed that Scarlett could never find out. Layla rejected Juliette's one kind gesture, telling her to go save someone else who doesn't actually want to be treated like a whore. And while Avery made a sincere declaration of friendship to Juliette, Charlie Wentworth made a bumbling British declaration of love.

We begin with Layla Grant onstage in Minneapolis, asking the audience if they have time for one more. Um, technically they have time for like 14 more since Juliette is on after her. They cheer and someone hands her a bedazzled guitar. Layla then dedicates her "spontaneous" encore to someone special -- that would be a surly-looking Will -- and also, "all y'all." She launches into the song and from her dressing room Juliette watches and says, "All y'all? She's from Connecticut." Juliette also wonders since when is Layla allowed to give herself an encore. Glen notes that she can't exactly pull the plug now. Though that would be REALLY awesome. Although Layla sounds fantastic on the song, or perhaps because Layla sounds fantastic on the song, Juliette notes that every minute she goes over pushes back Juliette's set, racks up union fees, and seriously pisses her off. Glen says that he'll handle it with Layla's management.

On his way out, Glen runs into Charlie and gives a non-surprised, "Mr. Wentworth. What a surprise." Charlie mumbles something about the Music City Music Festival, and Juliette asks Glen to leave them alone. She tells Charlie that she needed time to think, but he says that the week that she's taken so far has almost killed him. Well, at least he's not dramatic or anything! Juliette tells him that they had fun, but he should stop trying to push it. Charlie argues that he's not trying to push anything, that he loves her. She shakes her head, saying that he likes games but she's not a toy, and now she has a show to do. She tries to leave and Charlie grabs her hand, saying that he wants them to have a life together. Juliette says she doesn't believe him, and while not exactly slamming the door on her way out, closes it firmly. For some reason whenever I see Charlie Wentworth I sing the, "You know my name is Simon and I like to do drawings" song in my head. Can't you just picture him in the bathtub?

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