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You Know You Love Big Hat Events
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Previously on Nashville: Rayna got all sassy with Jeff Fordham about her buyout deal, and then realized that Lamar had been arrested and his assets frozen. Whoops! Gunnar's penis fell into Zoey's lady parts. Whoops! Deacon remained tortured about his busted hand and started plunking around on the piano. Not so much whoops there. Scarlett maybe had a twinge or two of feeling for Avery. Whoops-ish. Luke Wheeler joined Edgehill and strutted around confidently in his cowboy hat. Zero whoops. And Juliette boned married gazillionaire Charlie Wentworth after playing a fifth anniversary show for him and his wife. Quasi-whoops, in accordance with the giant whoops that is Juliette's entire life.

We open with two newspapers on a coffee table. One has as its headline news of Lamar's indictment by the feds, while the other proclaims, "Rayna is back!" Speaking of Rayna, she's being interviewed by Robin Roberts, who asks how it felt to learn of Lamar's arrest on the very night of her own triumphant return to the stage (and on the heels of her widely noted near-death experience). Rayna was of course shocked and upset, and Robin asks if any of the allegations reconcile with the man who raised her. Um, yes. But Rayna says that she likes to believe that her father is an ethical man, noting that he always kept his business dealings separate. Plus, innocent until proven guilty and all that. Robin then asks the question that Rayna's fans want to know: How is she holding up? Rayna talks about the perspective that near-death experiences can bring, and says she's focusing on the things that are important -- her girls, her music, her label. She then points out Scarlett, who is observing the interview. And THEN Robin asks if Rayna has any time for romance. Rayna says "no comment," the cackles like a lady who has felt the magic that happens when Liam takes off his scarf, if you know what I mean. Speaking of, WHERE IS LIAM? Ugh.

We then cut to Deacon, who is playing a new song on the piano. The refrain goes, "You're the kind of trouble I could get into," and on cue hot lady lawyer walks out of his bedroom. She says, "You have a really nice voice," which is about the stupidest thing a human could say in this moment. You've been boning him for weeks. Try picking up one of his records, you dolt! She confirms with him that playing piano is easier with his busted hand, and then talk turns to the Belle Meade Invitational polo match, which her firm is sponsoring. Deacon quickly plans to schedule a root canal, and hot lady lawyer tells him not to be a reverse snob. Is that like reverse racism? Anyway, she HAS to go since her firm is sponsoring it, and Deacon tells her that he's happy to be in the position where he does not have to go. She then says fine, she'll ask somebody else. He asks if there IS anybody else, and then she asks if he CARES if there's somebody else. He says no, and she says she doesn't care either. Legitimate question here: are we supposed to like these two together?

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