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Love in an Elevator
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Previously on Nashville: Teddy wondered if he and Rayna had a future together, and she was basically like, "Ummmmm." Peggy existed, and though it looked an awful lot like she and Teddy were having an affair, they were actually just lovers... of embezzlement. Rayna visited Deacon out of concern, and a whole lot of emotional baggage surfaced, ending with him basically telling her that she had the Wrong Song if she thought they could be buddies. Juliette's visit of concern to Deacon fared much better, though, and he agreed to come on tour with her, much to Rayna's surprise and chagrin.

We open with the major players in the Red Lips, White Lies tour pulling up to their hotel in Chicago. A gaggle of fans await, many of them in the teen varieties. Rayna learns from Bucky that they've sold out two nights, which is of course great news, but she's still preoccupied by Deacon's surprise appearance on the plane and thus the tour. Bucky swears he didn't know anything about it, and Juliette gleefully barges in to ask if Rayna's pissed. You know, because she would be SO UPSET if she did anything to make Rayna mad. As she does in these situations, Rayna hoists up her Southern charm and asks why she'd be pissed, before giving a big smile and "Hey, y'all," to the fans. They sign a few autographs and while walking away Juliette notes that her plane is not small, and Rayna didn't make eye contact with her once after Deacon appeared. If Juliette were just a little bit smarter, she'd add a, "And where's Liam, anyway?" just to make sure the tip of the knife penetrated Rayna's pretty ginger guts.

Rayna wonders if Juliette didn't have anything better to do on the trip than to look over and see if Rayna was looking at her. Juliette wants Rayna to admit that she's pissed, and when she won't (wondering aloud if Juliette will ever grow up in the process), it's Juliette who seems to be the pissed one. She then tries to school Deacon about what a bellhop does, and he's like, "I've actually stayed in hotels before, thanks." He's looking for his guitar and says that this isn't his first rodeo. Juliette tells him that it's his first time at her rodeo, which as it turns out is a really gross, tacky kind of rodeo that is quite possibly overrun with crabs. Deacon gives her some grief about the size of her entourage. When she says it takes a lot of people to make a good show, he points out that Johnny Cash only needed three. This hits Juliette where she lives, which is The Land of a Constant Quest for Legitimacy.

In the hotel, Rayna is still wondering why Deacon's there. Bucky suggests that she ask him, but Rayna says that she has to call Teddy (to try to explain Deacon's presence), and get ready for a show tonight (where she will constantly rue the fact that Deacon is playing in Juliette's band and not her own), and so she doesn't have time for any Deacon Claybourne drama. Her whole life is Deacon Claybourne drama! Except for the part that's Liam McGuinness drama. And that's the way we like it. Meanwhile, Juliette is so impressionable, especially when Deacon wields his considerable cranky influence. She asks Glenn if she has too many people in her band, and he tells her that everything with her show is just perfect, and with her bad press and Jolene out of the picture, she's primed to get her brand back on target and be right where she was before her mighty downfall. But Juliette wonders what happens if she doesn't want to go right back where she was. Glenn can't even fathom what she's talking about because his primary concern is making his 10 percent as big as possible.

And then Rayna just barely catches an elevator... with only Deacon inside. He's so mad at her that he can't even be bothered to ask, "What floor?" She kind of shrugs her shoulders and looks over at him a few times while he looks down at the floor. He gets off of the elevator without so much as a word or a glance. This is not the way to start off two Deacon-Claybourne-drama-free days.

Back in Nashville, Gunnar is fixing Scarlett's plumbing. That is not a euphemism. With her scraggly weave pulled back into a scraggly ponytail, she tries to make small talk about how good they sounded with JT and the band, but Gunnar isn't engaging. Scarlett still doesn't know what got his "fur all backwards" in Texas (and I will give her one point for that really cute saying), but if he's not going to talk about it he should at least stop worrying about it. But it turns out that Gunnar's not currently worried about his criminal brother on the lam. Rather, he has asshole roommates (and former bandmates) who have been giving him shit since he joined Bleatwood Crack. They drew a giant turtle on his ribcage in sharpie. How they got such access to his skinny torso is not addressed before there's a knock at the door. It's Scarlett's landlord, asking about the rent. If she doesn't get it to him in two days, he's kicking her out. And... if her landlord is so close by, how come he wasn't fixing the sink? It turns out that Avery owes Scarlett some money, but she's not ready to actually have to see him to get it back. She's hopefully that Bleatwood Crack's paying gig tonight will put her back in the black and she won't be evicted and forced to go back to living in the tree trunk. She's way behind on her nut gathering, after all.

And then we all have to endure a horrible phone call between Rayna and Teddy. She talks about how important their time apart is to figure things out, and swears she didn't know that Deacon was going to show up on the tour. She also swears that she didn't want him there. Teddy asks if she's seen Deacon since she fired him, and Rayna is all, "Oh, erm, gosh, well, cough." She explains that she saw him out of concern since they have been friends for 20 years, as Teddy well knows. For once, Teddy actually has a meeting to go to and this sense of temporary purpose emboldens him to say, "Okay, Rayna, I get it. You didn't know about Deacon, you didn't plan any of this, life's a bitch sometimes, and you're processing. Have we covered it all?" Damn, girl! And then he hangs up, leaving Rayna only the long neck bow on her hideous blouse to fiddle with.

Meanwhile, Marilyn happily informs Avery that Belmont loved him and wants him to come back for another festival in the spring, and reminds him that a crew from a show called Star Towns will be following him around. The show features musicians showing off a city that they love, and always has one big star and one up and coming act. She works hard to convince Avery that this is all good news, but he's too busy Googling details of Scarlett's upcoming performance. Marilyn tells him to get over it, which is a piece of advice that he could apply in myriad ways.

Back in Chicago, Rayna's on stage in a short sequined dress that looks like it could belong to Juliette, and singing, "I'm Already Gone." While I am a fan of her tight trousers of yore, the dress is really working and she looks impossibly fly. And I haven't even mentioned the hair. I wish I could just transplant all of Connie Britton onto myself, basically. Except the voice. She IS improving, but still. Rayna is a fan of the "stand there and sing" style of performance, which is a lovely contrast to what we'll see from Juliette in a few moments. We get flashes of adoring audience members, none of whom seem to know the words to Rayna's big show-closing hit. Suspicious. But Rayna loves Chicago nonetheless!

Backstage, Deacon makes his way through a bunch of half-naked dancers warming up and is likely starting to think that even with the rapey times The Revel Kings gig wasn't so bad. As Juliette has a rack of wardrobe options wheeled into her dressing room, Deacon notes that it's like a big Vegas show. He's not regretting coming, necessarily, just getting used to all the glitter. Juliette blinks her five-pound eyelashes, and then we cut to her on stage in leather hot pants with dancers jumping all around her. And come on. If she

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