I've Been Down that Road Before

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Love in an Elevator" target="_blank">Jackson Galaxy's.

And now back to Rayna and Teddy. He tells her that things have been tough for both of them lately, what with them kind of hating each other and everything. He's been hoping that things would change, and there would be a magical moment where Rayna actually seemed to like him at least a little bit. But that moment has never come, and Teddy is tired of waiting for it. He wants a divorce! Instead of jumping for joy as one might expect, Rayna looks rather shell-shocked. And with that, we're out.

Next week: Juliette is taking control of her career, and possibly acting rather monstrous in the process. And oh my goodness, Liam is back! And sexing with Rayna! While she is wearing a very ill-advised hat that is probably indicative of an impending nervous breakdown! ON STAGE!

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