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Previously on Nashville: Peggy was D-E-A-D dead. Rayna needed a single for her new album, and was reminded of the songwriting magic she and Deacon shared. Kelly Clarkson wanted a piece of Gunnar and Scarlett's songwriting magic, but then Scarlett freaked out and ruined the whole thing. She also broke up with Avery, which is just as well given his obvious feelings for Juliette. Speaking of Juliette, she told a "No Respect 4 Juliette" protestor that, "There is no God… that would listen to a crackpot like you." The post-ellipses part of that statement was deleted by the time it got to the press, and now people are burning her CDs and shizz. All of this, of course, means that MethMom died in vain.

We begin with Juliette in her plane, anxious to get out of Pittsburgh (Woo! Uh, I mean… sorry) and asking Glen if he can ensure that protesters can't get within 500 feet of the venue at her next show. Emily reports that she's shut down Juliette's Twitter account, which had over a quarter of a million unique tweets in the last 24 hours, with hashtags including #godlessbitch and #juliettesucks. She's also working on switching Juliette's email and phone number, while Glen arranges for extra security. Juliette resents the fact that she has to turn her life upside down because some kook has manufactured a controversy. The one upside to the situation is that some members of the bloodthirsty horde may have had to buy her album just to burn it. Anything for sales!

Meanwhile, Deacon is having dinner with his A&R friend, who welcomes him to Belcourt Records and hands over a standard contract. Deacon takes a quick look, says it's been a long time since he's been a solo artist, and notes that there are a lot fewer zeroes on the contract than there used to be. Belcourt Buddy (seriously, I don't know what his name is) says that's true for everyone, and the only money to be made is in T-shirt sales and tour dates since the record company won't get a cut of that. And I would totally spend $25 on a "Freakin' Deacon" girlie tee. Deacon wonders why, if there's no money to be made, they want to sign him at all. Belcourt Buddy says that it's because he wants to make albums and they still put them out. I guess that's as compelling a reason as any? Deacon wants some time to think about it and see if he can get a better offer. FROM RAYNA PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

Speaking of record deals falling into your lap Scarlett joins the Zac Brown Band on stage at some big, actually real music festival. She gives an enthusiastic, cross-eyed greeting to the crowd, and gets to solo on the second verse. Bucky is in the audience and holds his phone up so Rayna can hear. They agree that Zac is good people, and Rayna adds that he's doing her a solid. This moment, while Bucky is in the midst of a huge crowd, also appears to be the perfect time to ask Rayna if she's listened to any of the demos he's sent over, presumably for the single. She did, but feels that the song has to come from her. In fact, she's just about to meet up with somebody for a possible co-write. At this very moment, Deacon pulls up with a big shit-eating grin on his face. Sigh. SO MANY SIGHS in this episode.

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