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We then cut to Scarlett in the bathroom, splashing water on her face and crying. Rayna finds her and asks what's going on. Scarlett, with water dripping from her face like a crazy person, says that she has no control over her life. She didn't want to come to this party, and spits out (in the rabid "did you sleep with that woman?" voice) that Rayna might have weird co-dependent relationships with her ex-boyfriends, but she doesn't. Oh yeah, Scarlett's just the crystalline picture of emotional health. Rayna then asks what she's talking about and Scarlett, showing off the original wordsmithery that makes her such a songwriting sensation, clichés that if Rayna asks Deacon to jump, he'll always ask how high. And Scarlett? Why don't you try minding your own freaking business? GOD.

Meanwhile, Gunnar bumps into Jeff and before he can say anything Jeff spits out, "You're welcome." Gracious as ever! Gunnar then sees Jay DeMarcus and his wife Allison. Jay wonders where Zoey is and tells Gunnar that he's got to make it right with his girl… because there's so much more to it than all this. Maybe that's why his schedule is so suspiciously clear?

Luke then approaches Deacon, and they trade congratulations. Yes, Luke has a buddy who works at Belcourt and heard about Deacon's solo deal. Deacon says that it's not Wheeler-size, but Luke tells him that any deal in this day and age is good, especially when you're starting out. Not that Deacon's exactly just starting out, but we all know what he means. Luke tells Deacon that he passed up a lot of opportunities when he was younger, and it's nice to see him putting himself back out there after so many years of being somebody else's support system. Deacon deserves to stand on his own, says Luke, in what I'm sure is a solely altruistic statement not at all designed to keep Deacon and Rayna the heck away from each other. Gah! Again!

Meanwhile, Avery and Juliette have made enough for burgers and beers, though she's not feeling up for festivities. Even though she had fun, she says, her life is still falling apart and everyone's turning on her. She wonders if Jeff is right and she should apologize for something she didn't say, before she has nothing left. And, hey… where is Juliette's hotshot publicist Makena in all this? Anyway, Avery tells Juliette that she'll never have nothing. Tonight proves that she loves music and people responded to her even without knowing that she's Juliette Barnes. Juliette wants to go home and think… solo. Much to Avery's chagrin.

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