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At Deacon's place, Megan says she's sorry for not being able to attend the "Ball and Chain" party and interrupt the forearm sex. He tells her that he decided to sign with Belcourt and focus on his solo career. She confirms that this means he won't write with Rayna. Why can't he do both? I mean, aside from the fact that then he and his true love will be together and blissfully happy and who wants THAT? Megan is pleased.

Meanwhile, Scarlett arrives at Rayna's and apologizes for being such a judgey twit who ruins everything. TOO LATE. Rayna is gracious about it, though, and says she wants to talk to Scarlett about career stuff. She's got talent, but it takes more than that. She has to want it so much that she's willing to be exhausted, and sleep on a bus, and show up at her ex-boyfriend's party and pretend she's having a great time -- because she wants it more than she hates all those other things. Sage advice, for real! Rayna says she won't apologize for asking a lot from Scarlett, because that goes with the territory. But if Scarlett wants to get out now, there's no shame in that. Dump Scarlett and sign Gunnar, is my vote! Scarlett says that she never wanted to be a singer, but the opportunity was just presented to her. She didn't know how hard it would be, but also didn't know how great it would be to be on stage in front of zillions of people. She says that she does want it and does love it, more than she hates the other things. Rayna tells her to let that drive her. Scarlett looks vacant in response. I'm sure this is going to work out great.

Teddy then pays another visit to Megan, but this time without all the screaming. Rather, he says sternly that he knows who ordered the hit -- it was Lamar Wyatt. Dun dunnnn!

And then Juliette shows up at Avery's place. She's made her decision… and needs him to write a song with her. Avery for sure is disappointed that this visit has nothing to do with a declaration of love.

Luke then visits Rayna at her house, with flowers in tow. She's been thinking about what might happen if they go public and get a celebrity name like "Ruke" or "Layna." Is this what celebrity couples do? If so, celebrity couples are grosser than we initially thought, and not even realizing that we'll totally call them "Puke" and "Lame-na." Anyway, they're both huge stars and Rayna thinks this is something worth investing in. Deacon is going to LOSE his MIND when this goes public. Sigh. Luke says they'll still be their own people, Ruke and Layna aside. Rayna notes that her girls are coming home soon, and it might be nice for Luke to meet them. And then they make out for a while, but their face suckage lacks the heat of certain forearm sex of yore.

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