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Back at the festival, Bucky congratulates Scarlett on her performance. She excitedly says that the Zac Brown Band is amazing, and then MORE excitedly yells that she gets to sleep in her own bed tonight. This should give a sense of what her priorities and passions actually are. Bucky is all, "HOLD ON, SISTER." Luke's tour may be on break, but Scarlett has a performance in Knoxville, six press engagements, two radio shows and as many meet-and-greets as possible. She wonders if she'll at least get a couple of days off, which seems the perfect segue for Bucky to note that Kelly Clarkson's people were disappointed that Scarlett and Gunnar won't be writing any new material for her. Scarlett says it won't work out, given her crazy hectic schedule, then rushes on the bus. Bucky in turn wonders if Rayna shouldn't be thanking HIM for doing her a solid.

Meanwhile, at the Bluebird, Avery tries to leave Juliette another message but finds that her phone is full. Zoey thinks he's calling Scarlett, and so Avery is forced to tell her that they broke up. Zoey then wonders if Scarlett is OK, which probably REALLY means she's wondering if Scarlett is coming for Gunnar. Avery changes the subject by noting that Zoey has been in a good mood lately. That's what Avery has to look forward to now that Scarlett is out of his life for good!

And THEN we are with Rayna and Deacon, at Deacon's place. She gives him a copy of the album she made with Liam, saying she's very proud of it, but it needs a single. She wants one that's worthy of the rest of the album and says that for better or for worse the two of them have written a lot of hits together. How is there a "for worse" in writing hit songs with your one true love? Deacon asks what Rayna is asking, because maybe the accident caused some comprehension problems. Or maybe he just wants to hear her say, "I'm asking if you might consider writing a song with me." Deacon looks at her like he is SO IN LOVE and exhales with a little smile.

Gunnar is then at Edgehill, finalizing details for "his" number one party happening that night. He happens to run into Jay DeMarcus of Rascal Flatts, who is also going to Gunnar's party and is a big fan of "Ball and Chain." He's interested in writing with Gunnar, and suggests that very afternoon at 2 p.m. Country music stars have the emptiest schedules! Except for Scarlett, I guess.

Juliette, Glen and Emily then arrive at the site of her next concert. There are no protesters outside, but something else looks off. For one thing, roadies are loading her stuff onto trucks and not off of them. A dude comes out to apologize for not getting in touch with them sooner and say that the show has been cancelled. Apparently the venue received a threat. Though the place was searched thoroughly and nothing turned up, the owner doesn't want to take any chances. Glen starts talking about rescheduling, but the owner would rather not, on account of Juliette being a godless heathen whore. Glen brings up their contract, but the guy says that it allows for cancellation due to public safety issues. The blasphemy-eschewing owner probably called in the bomb threat himself! Juliette tells him that he's going to have a lot of pissed off ticket holders on his hands, but the guy says that even before they show was called off they received over 6,000 refund requests. And what kind of idiot blasphemy-protesting fans does Juliette have that think you can get a refund for a concert ticket before the show is even cancelled? In any case, Juliette is chagrined.

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