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Breaking the Ryman
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Previously: Avery met a cougar manager who was interested in representing his band, which really meant that she was interested in boning him and would represent his band to help get there. Scarlett asked, "Did you sleep with that woman?" with cheeks full of sunflower seeds, then stormed out. Juliette and nerd-jock Sean Parker started A Thing, while Cole debated whether to release photos suggesting that Teddy and Peggy were having an affair. And Rayna entered into a musical partnership with hotshot producer Liam McGinnis, in a move that entailed going against the head of her label, who she hates anyway.

We enter with Rayna and Liam listening to a music track in the studio, and continuing their pattern of mutual admiration. Rayna loves the track, which is quite a bit heavier than the likes of "American Beauty," and says she just finished a lyric that would be perfect for it. Bucky skulks around and gets off the phone with some not-so-great news, as he is wont to do. Rayna's label, Edgehill, is doing a live recording of their 25th Anniversary Show at the legendary Ryman Auditorium, and wants to follow that up with a Rayna Jaymes greatest hits album. As we know, Rayna is REALLY indisposed to the idea of a greatest hits album, probably because it makes her feel old at a time when Juliette Barnes is constantly calling her old.

Liam at least is in alignment with Rayna about the fact that label head Marshall Evans is a dick. Rayna notes that she's done every Edgehill anniversary show ever, and wants to end this one with some of her new material. Bucky is not quite ready to venture into EdgyHill territory, but Liam is of course down with that plan. And though I was fully on board the Rayna and Deacon reconciliation train, I have to admit that the Rayna-Liam combo is turning out to be way more fun at the moment. As it turns out, it's a relief not to have all those pregnant-with-meaning stares!

Meanwhile, Juliette and Sean Parker are making out by her pool. He stops long enough to say it's nice to do something other than football. She replies that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, then whips out an axe to accompany her devious smile. Kidding! Though I actually think that would be a satisfactory character turn for her, and if she eventually went after Scarlett in a tree-maze (after a fleeting glimpse of Teddy in a dog costume in a compromising position with Lamar) I would give this show 17 Potes Emmys.

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