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Breaking the Ryman

Rayna is also getting done up backstage, and her girls tell her that she looks beautiful. Teddy is a bit distracted, however, and Rayna notes that he seems like he's got the weight of the world on his shoulders. Clearly he's hatching his plan to murder Peggy! Or pondering how to tell Rayna that he didn't cheat on her, even though it really looks like he did.

We cut to the stage, where Buddy Miller is playing! He is truly the best. Rayna and Juliette wait in the wings, and Juliette says she can't believe they have to do this. Rayna proposes getting it over with, and then they'll never have to do it again. Juliette says, "Promise?" Rayna gives her solemn vow. And boy, these two are really going to love going on tour together, aren't they? Marshall introduces Rayna as her legendary self, as Juliette scowls. Rayna is super cheerful and fakety-fake as she introduces her "good friend" and label mate, Juliette Barnes. Juliette is also good at the fake smile, as you well know.

And then they kick off their co-written song, with Liam and Deacon playing guitar. Both women are wearing short sparkly dresses and look totally hot, and the song is a real cheating-dude kind of tell off. It's called "You've Got the Wrong Song," and is all about how this is no "Stand By Your Man" joint. It's catchy and clever, and Marshall thinks it's going to be a monster hit. Rayna apparently won the battle of the bridge, and hearing his wife singing about a liar and a cheater seems to make Teddy awfully nervous. Rayna and Juliette have pretty good stage chemistry, even though Juliette's stank face makes clear that they still totally hate each other. The song finishes, there is thunderous applause, Deacon and Liam fist-bump, Teddy gives an okay sign even though THINGS ARE NOT REALLY OK. And Rayna puts her arm around Juliette, because underneath it all, she's totally the nice one.

Next week: The co-headlining tour is re-proposed, Rayna gets some news from Teddy, Juliette gets the seal of disapproval from Sean's parents, and Gunnar finally puts the moves on Scarlett.

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