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Breaking the Ryman

Juliette invites Sean to the Edgehill anniversary concert at the Ryman, where she says she'll be playing a set. Just as they start to make out again, Glen comes out to cockblock the situation with bad news. Managers! There's another lady there, who I guess is Makena Junior, and they tell Juliette that although her hookup with goody-two-shoes Sean Parker helped her negatives for a short time, they didn't anticipate all the negative press it would generate... for Sean. Well, duh.

Apparently football fans are blaming Juliette for Tim Tony Tebow Romo's poor passing in the last few days, and tabloids have deemed her "Country Cryptonite." First of all, isn't it "Kryptonite" with a K? And second, it's no "Cleo-Fat-Ra." Juliette does not like being referred to as Kryptonite with a K or a C, and argues that she and Tim Tony Tebow Romo aren't even necessarily dating. But this isn't even the bad news! Marshall Evans wants to see Juliette personally, and that can't be good.

We then cut to the outside of a venue called Tequila Cowboy, where there's a big old sign announcing The Avery Barkley Band. See, sleeping your way to the top WORKS. While all the guys in the band excitedly take photos, Marilyn shows up to tell them that she's called every producer, entertainment reporter, and music blogger in town. Tequila Cowboy holds 500 people, and Marilyn is going to make sure that the show is at capacity. She's also printed up some large posters of Avery's face (probably so she can lick them when he's not around), and is arranging a meeting with Dominic Wells, president of Cascade Heights records. He's big in Atlanta (and everywhere), and also apparently goes by the name "Domino." I'm sure Marilyn slept with him at some point, too, so has the inner scoop on the fact that he's looking to sign new acts.

Noting a funny look on Avery's face, Marilyn asks why he doesn't seem more excited. He says that Scarlett's been to every dive they've played, and it feels weird not to have her be a part of this success. I know Avery is kind of a doofus, but even he should know not to bring up his ex-squirrelfriend to his new sugar mama! Marilyn says he can put Scarlett on the guest list before adding that if you want the prize, you've got to keep your eyes on it. By "prize" she means "my cooch."

And then it's time for Juliette's meeting with Marshall. She complains about how late he is because she thinks she's Ghandi come back from the dead to take a meeting. When Marshall does show up, he gives her a cursory tap on the arm and then says they're making some changes to the Ryman lineup. Namely, instead of doing a full set Juliette will only be doing one song. Juliette is incensed and starts talking up her two multi-platinum albums and wild success. Marshall brings up the comparative brevity of Juliette's career and her recent "troubles," and she interrupts him to say that she has kept Edgehill relevant, and made Marshall a lot of money in the process. When Glen tries to temper her anger she cuts him off with a withering, "You too." Marshall starts talking about how Edgehill believes in her but needs to protect its investment. Juliette cuts him off to say that she's not an investment, she's an artist -- the label's top earning one -- and she deserves to at least close the show. As it turns out, she will -- just not alone. Marshall tells her that we're all judged by the company we keep, and so Juliette would benefit by performing with someone who's viewed with tremendous respect. And y'all know who that is. The tables, how they have turned!

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