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Breaking the Ryman

So, as you might imagine, Juliette is not feeling the idea of a duet with Rayna. She asks Glen why on earth Edgehill would put her up on stage with "that woman." That woman! Like it was Monica Lewinsky! Glen of course thinks that it's a good idea, because it is, and says that performing with a living legend whose husband will soon be mayor will give Juliette cred. Juliette equates "living legend" with "old hag," as is her custom. She also doesn't care to be taken under Rayna's wing, even if it's for show -- she got here on her own, stole that bottle of nail polish on her own, and by God she'll cling to the Ryman stage with her last claw on her own as a giant hook tries to drag her off. In that case, says Glen, she'll not only be absent a tour, but won't have the opportunity to perform at Nashville's most revered venue as part of the biggest musical event of the year. I think maybe that's better, given the likelihood of the giant hook. Juliette seems conflicted about it, though.

Meanwhile, in the Manse of Evildoing, Lamar tells Teddy that there's no getting around it -- the Peggy situation looks bad. Tandy is pissed, noting that Peggy has always pined for Teddy (and had to settle for an old husband who works in Europe a lot, apparently), thus her decision to help him secure the "loan." Teddy says that he did nothing wrong, but isn't going to subject Rayna and the girls to an impending dirty scandal. But Lamar tells him that it's too late -- the photos will surface whether he drops out of the race or not. In fact, if Teddy drops out, Lamar will probably leak them to the press himself. Lamar's proposed strategy is for Teddy to "come clean," and tell the press just as much as he needs to. He didn't have an affair, so the photos can be explained. Does, "We were actually having clandestine meetings to talk about squashing a federal audit that might uncover our embezzlement scandal," sound like a good press release to you? Teddy wonders if the whole credit union brouhaha could be uncovered as well, but Lamar tells him that the paper trail has been wiped clean. The larger problem, as he sees it, is Rayna. And I mean, I'd say that Rayna has every right to a strong reaction when this shit breaks. Tandy adds a serious, "You need to get rid of Peggy." And I know this show doesn't really want to go full-on "Who shot J.R.?" but I for one feel that a dead Peggy Kenter could only win over more fans.

In Heartbreak City, Scarlett is driving Deacon crazy with her obsessive cleaning. She'll take a mug and clean it before he's even done with his coffee, which is something my mom does ALL THE TIME and is indeed highly irritating. He tells her that when a relationship ends, you've got to get out of the damn house. You may wind up in jail after a bar brawl, but even if the recipient of your first phone call ignores you, you'll eventually find someone to bail you out. He says that he'll put her on the list for the Edgehill show, and she reluctantly agrees. Deacon is apparently the house band leader, and Scarlett asks him if this means he'll play on everybody's act. He will, Rayna's act included. Scarlett wonders if that will be hard, since he's quit the band. Deacon says that it will be just fine, before clarifying that he was fired. Those two are like Fleetwood Mac, minus the buckets of blow.

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