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Breaking the Ryman

Oh Lord, and then it's time for Hailey to take a crack at Scarlett. She shows up at Deacon's place, where Scarlett swings sadly on the front porch. Hailey has some wardrobe options, and tells Scarlett that the best way to get over someone is to get under someone else. Scarlett is all, "You mean like a piggyback ride?" But she likes piggyback rides, and so follows Hailey inside the house.

And then it's time for Rayna and Juliette to come face to face! Apparently both parties have agreed to a duet. Juliette gives Rayna shit for being late, and Liam jumps in to say it was his fault. He introduces himself, which gives Juliette a chance to show off her flirty-grin. Neither Deacon nor Rayna seem to appreciate that. The men then leave the women alone to talk about potential song choices. As soon as they're gone, Juliette tells Rayna that she's not sure what deal she struck to be able to walk in there all nice, but she'd like to skip over the part where they pretend to like each other. Rayna responds to this bit of superfluous bitchery with a, "You do what you gotta do, kiddo," then heads off to greet the band.

Oh Lord, and then we head out to the clubs with Hailey and gussied-up Scarlett. Scarlett of course has never worn heels before and is all, "Why does mah shoe got this big spike comin' out of it? Is that so's I can nab a possum?" Hailey has also tried to give Scarlett's hair some much-needed help, to no avail. Gunnar is already at the club, and when he sees Scarlett and her lace-encrusted boobs he gives a mumbly little, "Wow." But before he can dump Hailey on the spot, Scarlett gets some gentlemanly attention and, with the encouragement of Hailey and a tequila shot, agrees to a dance. Gunnar looks decidedly uncomfortable at the idea of Scarlett getting magical with another man's fairy-wand.

Back at rehearsal, Rayna and Juliette are, to put it mildly, not having luck agreeing on a song. Juliette wants something exciting, Rayna wants something authentic. As a bonus, Liam and Deacon have a little moment of their own, which Liam seems to find hilarious. Juliette, for whom humility is a foreign emotion, thinks that Rayna should be happy that Juliette is there to expand her fan base. Rayna (quite correctly) counters that she thought they were there because Juliette has fans whose parents don't want them looking up to a shoplifter. Because he is the best, Liam cracks up, while Deacon is frustrated that these two can't come together for one measly song. Follow your diva foremothers and sing, "When You Believe!" Or maybe "Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves?" For the moment, though, neither Juliette nor Rayna seems entirely focused on the conscious liberation of the female state.

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