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Breaking the Ryman

Meanwhile Scarlett, still in her sexy dress, shows up at Avery's house unannounced. She is full of bad ideas tonight. Avery looks awfully nervous as Scarlett starts to tell him that she misses him so much. With perfect timing, Marilyn walks out in only a bra. I guess the 10:30 - 11:00 hour is the appropriate time for all the ladies in their underthings. Scarlett runs out, having apparently mastered her heels, and Avery tells her that he didn't start sleeping with Marilyn until the two of them broke up. I mean, fair point. Also, look at how great things are turning out for the band! Happily, Scarlett had the cab wait for her and doesn't have to hoof it home. Avery yells that he doesn't love Marilyn, but Scarlett isn't having it and tells the driver to hit it like she's on The Amazing Race.

And then Rayna shows up to Juliette's house! In a very mature and professional manner, she says that none of the songs they floated were the right thing, so there's only one solution -- they need to write a song. A suspicious Juliette says, "You wanna write with me?" and Connie Britton nails a, "Nope!" But she thinks they should suck it up and be pros and get it done. First, however, she would like some coffee.

At the Manse of Evildoing, Lamar asks Teddy how it went with Peggy. Teddy says that Peggy was pretty upset, and Lamar notes that if she was unstable, they could use it. Oh my God, just murder her! So obvious! Lamar is like, "Mwah ha -- if she sought YOU out because she was an emotional mess, it would stop people from thinking there was something wrong with YOUR marriage!" He then asks if Rayna knows about the embezzlement. She does not, and Lamar would like to keep it that way. Rayna has at least one moral, which is more than these guys are collectively in the market for right now. Lamar's big, overarching plan, however, is to keep feeding the voracious news cycle by having the charges against Cole un-dropped. This is a little much for Teddy, but Lamar says that Cole can fight the charges in court and probably win. However, the election will be over by then. Teddy is second-guessing (fifth guessing? Twenty-seventh guessing?) his deal with the devil.

Back at Juliette's, it's morning and she and Rayna are still working. They're not in total harmony, but seem too tired to really get the claws out. This happens with my cats ALL THE TIME. The hatred is ever-present, but eventually they get too tired and can't muster the energy to not be in the same room acting sleepy. Juliette asks Rayna if the song is about Deacon for her, and Rayna says, "Not necessarily." She asks Juliette the same thing, and Juliette says, "All of 'em." They squabble over whether or not to add a bridge, and Rayna wonders if Juliette has orange juice. She does have vodka, which seems more useful in this situation.

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