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Your Love Is My Drug

And then they edge closer and closer toward inscrutability, per their usual pattern. Deacon says that he's not the one who canceled the tour, and she says he knows why she cancelled the tour. Because they both want to bang each other so much and now it's obvious to everyone else? Is that why? Deacon says that doesn't mean that they have to sell their songs to the highest bidder. And now Rayna is pissed, and brings up the fact that he's too principled to have one of their songs in a commercial but playing with Juliette Barnes doesn't seem to offend his delicate sensibilities. I mean, excellent point. He says that he doesn't want the song in a commercial for beauty products, she asks him to just sign the release, he says no. And oh my God, the song rhymes "American beauty" with "freedom running through me." It's not quite on the same level as using "Revolution" for a Nike ad, you know? As Deacon turns away, Rayna follows him and asks, "Is this how you want to do this?" I guess the first "this" is dickinshness and conflict, and the second "this" is breaking up. Um, welcome to the world. He is silent, and then they trade "nice to see yous," even though none of that was nice and they didn't make out AT ALL, AGAIN. Gah. If this show gets cancelled before Rayna and Deacon get it on, I am writing so many protest letters.

Rayna recovers enough to meet with Bucky in the daytime for food truck lunch, and he delivers the sad news that writers all over town are dying to work with her, but none of the good ones will be available for a while. Then a little light bulb goes off above Rayna's head and she notes that maybe it's time for her to try writing by herself. She's a little stuck, ready for a change, and tired of being beholden to other people. Fly, little bird! Bucky thinks that it's an idea worth trying.

Meanwhile, Teddy meets with Lamar to confess his financial transgressions. Lamar practically has to wipe drool from his chin as he offers his help in exchange for Teddy telling him everything. It turns out that Teddy ran out of capital when he was waiting for permits to come through on his busted real estate deal. Then the market crashed, taxes were due, and accounts payable came up. He did what he had to do, which is something called "floating funds." Teddy did it so the project wouldn't fold, and to protect his investors. Peggy was one of his partners -- a strictly business partner, he would like to add -- who found the money. Teddy didn't ask any questions. Lamar wonders why Peggy would defraud a credit union for his benefit, and the answer appears to be, "Because she had a crush on Teddy, probably." So, she's another dumb one. Peggy buried the giant, gaping hole where $2 million used to be until they were able to pay the money back, which they did. But now there's the audit, and Peggy's freaking out. Lamar says that he'll make sure Peggy feels safe, probably by putting her in a coma or something, and Teddy should keep his head in the campaign. As Teddy thanks him, Lamar says that Teddy is not going to be his father. Probably because his father was a man with at least one small bit of moral integrity and principle who was not hoodwinked by a wealthy evil guy.

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