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Your Love Is My Drug

Meanwhile, it's time for the Gunnar and Avery showdown that we've all been waiting for, or at least expecting. Avery is packing up his guitar, and feels like Gunnar owes him a thank you. In turn, Gunnar asks Avery what's wrong with him and his spotlight-stealing ways. It turns out that Avery, in addition to being a selfish jerk as usual, did not appreciate how Gunnar and Scarlett were making eyes at each other. I mean, fair point, actually. Gunnar says, "It's acting, you idiot, we were trying to sell a love song." It wasn't 100 percent acting, though, and everyone knows it. Hailey shows up at the door and encourages Gunnar to get out of there. And then Scarlett is standing there in the stairwell, and has also apparently heard the whole thing. Avery just walks right by her as she looks sad.

And then it's rehab drop-off time! A delight per usual, Jolene accidentally drops a bottle of pills on her way out of the car, then freaks out and yells that Juliette can't make her do this. Juliette does and says nothing, and then MethMom races toward her and gives her a really vigorous slap across the face. Uncalled for! If only Juliette had a casserole dish of pink macaroni with which to knock MethMom unconscious. Counterintuitively, the slap seems to knock some sense into Jolene, and she turns around and silently walks into the building, with Deacon halfheartedly escorting. Juliette stays outside, looking... complicated.

Juliette and Deacon sit outside of his house, and Deacon asks if Jolene has always been abusive. Juliette's answer is, "Once in a while," and Deacon puts his hand on hers. She takes that as an invitation to lean in for a kiss, "to say thank you," but Deacon puts a stop to her advances. Between friends, he says, sometimes a verbal thanks is enough. Because it's one thing to bang the young hottie when she's just bitchy and fun, but a whole other thing when her issues are as visible and viscous as a dish of hot macaroni engulfed in cream cheese and off-brand condiments. Turns out Juliette has a very loose concept of what a "friend" is and has never experienced one -- everybody she knows just wants something from her. Deacon thinks that's a sad way to live, even though technically it's kind of how he's lived the last ten years with Rayna. He tells Juliette that not everybody wants something from her, which is his way of reinforcing that he no longer wants to sex her up. And then he tells her that maybe she needs to spend some time by herself, and put all of her issues -- with MethMom and the video and generally being a hot mess -- in her rear view mirror. She doesn't get on his case for using bad metaphors, but we do learn that she went to a shrink exactly one time. Once was all she needed, as you can see. Juliette thanks Deacon and heads out, saying she'll see him when she sees him. He wants her to let him know if she needs anything, but she says she'll be fine. I mean, obviously, given how good she is at being fine.

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