My Heart Would Know

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Previously:Gunnar and Scarlett met new hunky neighbor Will, a singer-songwriter from Texas who was all cowboy hat and smiles and impressive biceps. Tandy told Rayna that their mom had a "friend," because Tandy is 1,000 years old on the inside. Do you thinks she calls gay guys "fancy men" too? A down-on-his-luck Avery considered a roadie gig. Juliette set to town seducing Jolene's sober coach, Dante... or was it he who seduced her with his impressive business acumen and nonsensical chants about being zen and mature? Gunnar convinced Scarlett to sign the solo contract with Rayna's new label, and Lamar's last act before having a heart attack was to blackmail Peggy into helping him with the stadium deal. She was the one who sold the story of Teddy and Rayna's divorce to the tabloids, and her disguise while doing so (a beret, natch) was apparently not particularly effective.

We open the show with sexytimes, which in truth is how Nashville should always begin. It's Juliette and Dante, which comes as no surprise. And really, why have a hotel room that nice if you're not going to bone somebody in it? Rayna should take note. Dante totally ruins the mood by saying that they should talk about Jolene. He crossed the line (a couple of lines, I'd say) and before he crosses it again, he wants them to think it through. Neither of them wants this to be a one-time thing, so Dante says he should resign as Jolene's sober companion. What kind of bullshit job is "sober companion," anyway? No offense to the sober companions out there, aside from the ones who are acting wildly inappropriate and banging their clients' daughters and such. Juliette says that Jolene is still fragile, so maybe they should just keep their sheets-rolling on the QT until she's stronger. He says it's not the healthiest way, but doesn't have any better ideas. And so they go back to banging.

But then there's a knock on the door! Dante scurries away like a little guilty field mouse, and Juliette goes to the door to find Rayna. Rayna has interrupted middle of the night sexytimes to tell Juliette that she's had a family emergency -- Lamar's heart attack, of course -- and has to go back to Nashville pronto. Juliette is very gracious in offering up her jet, and asks if Rayna will be back for the show tonight. Rayna says she might have to cancel their sold-out show, which raises Juliette's eyebrows something fierce.

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