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The Ring Didn't Mean a Thing
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Previously on Nashville: Rayna was in a coma! But then she came out of it and recognized her kids, hallelujah. We learned that Deacon once proposed to her while drunk and then they made Maddie and then the next morning he forgot that any of those things ever happened. Scarlett worried about the future of her recording contract, while Will wanted to kiss an old flame but instead punched him. Juliette held a vigil for Rayna, then Maddie told her that Deacon was her real dad. Meanwhile, Deacon and his busted hand were in jail and miserable, as per usual.

We begin this episode in Hollywood, where Juliette is on Conan. She walks out in a tight little dress, her hair wavy and gorgeous. She's at her most charming, and Conan congratulates her on being named the CMA's female vocalist of the year, and for the release of her new album, Inside the Dream. Meanwhile, while Juliette chats it up on the talk show circuit, Rayna is finally home after four weeks in the hospital. She looks weary, but like her hair has finally been washed THANK GOD. Teddy greets her with a hug, and she thanks him for taking care of everything while she was, you know, in a coma. He says he'll be staying until she's back to 100%, which she seems rather ambivalent about, even in her current state. Daphne runs out with a big hug while Maddie, emboldened by the fact that her mom is still actually alive, just rolls her eyes and stomps off.

Back at Conan, the topic of Juliette's vigil for Rayna comes up, as does the news that Rayna got out of the hospital today. Juliette is obviously annoyed, but recovers and says that Rayna couldn't wait to buy her album. Over at the Conrad-Jaymes Mansion, Rayna talks to Tandy about Maddie's attitude and how she can't believe she almost left her daughters motherless, just as she was left motherless at a young age. And it was all, "Because of him." Tandy asks if Rayna is going to talk to "him," and Rayna says she doesn't know if she'll ever talk to him again. Um, except for like 40 minutes into this very episode. And also when the will-they-or-won't-they storyline rears its head again, which it has to, because TRUE LOVE. Still, it is going to take a little time for us all to get over Drunk Deacon, though. I talked about it in therapy all summer.

While Avery is exhausted by Juliette's thirteenth appearance in two weeks, Glen notes that a) this is what you have to do to sell records and; b) Juliette seems to like him. What Juliette does not want is to have to talk about Rayna during every interview when she's trying to plug her new album. She tells Avery to shut up before he even says anything, because feeling him think is bothersome enough. Poor Avery. In other manager news, Bucky visits Rayna and they talk about the sale of Edgehill. Former label head Marshall was fired, and the new guy's name is Jeff Fordham. He's a Harvard MBA bean counter, and heads are rolling. He's meeting with every Edgehill artist this week, and though Rayna could get a reprieve given that she just got out of a coma, she wants to get in there and stand her ground. Bucky wonders if she should even be talking, given her intubation and the need to protect her voice. And I mean, given her past vocal prowess…maybe it will actually help? But Rayna is focused on wanting to protect Highway 65, which an awkward cut and voice-over reminds us is her label. She tells Bucky to get Scarlett and Will and they can make it a family affair.

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