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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rayna
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It's the Nashville pilot! Get out your banjo and hot chicken and settle in. We enter with gorgeous overhead shots of the city and surrounding verdant landscape. The Eli Young Band sings us in with a song that sounds peppy and lovely, but when you hear the final line of the chorus -- "Keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart" -- you can rest assured that there are plenty of hard times to come. We get a quick shot of Printers Alley in which -- tourism fun fact! -- you will find establishments that have signs outside advertising naked karaoke. Don't fall for it, they're just strip clubs. Uh, not that I know from experience.

Soon enough we're in the big, beautiful house of our protagonist, Rayna Jaymes. The preponderance of "y"s in her name can only indicate a complex, sensitive soul. Is it a vowel? Is it a consonant? It's sometimes both! Just like life. TWoP: Your new source for Zen wisdom. Rayna, who is getting ready for work (and for her "work" entails being a country music superstar), kisses her two daughters, the littlest of whom is held by her husband Teddy. Little daughter Maddie asks Teddy why mama has to go to work and he says that someone around there has to earn a living. As he explains with a kiss that they are now the type of rich known as "cash poor," we are left to wonder why he's so affable about being a deadbeat.

But no matter! Soon we are on stage with Rayna Jaymes and her glorious hair and sequined jacket as she sings about the long, long road to independence and demons and riding shotgun and already being gone. It's classic country fare and I could probably listen to it for hours were it not for the fact that, to put it politely, she cannot fucking sing. And let me be clear, here. Connie Britton is glorious generally and in this role and seems to have recovered quite well from her recent birthing of the devil's spawn. But. It is difficult to contrast heroine Rayna's genuine country-fried talent with the caterwauling of her skanky upstart nemesis Juliette Barnes when her voice is thin as the measly strands that cling to existence under John Travolta's toupee. Sorry, Connie Britton, I still love you! And I am working really hard to suspend my disbelief! I will add that this show needs to hire some lip syncing consultants stat.

Rayna leaves the stage to copious cheering and yells, "God bless Watty White!" I had to rewind this bit about 14 times before I realized that was the name of a person and use all of my collective Googling skills to figure out the spelling of "Watty." And this is a Grand Ole Opry celebration of Watty, because he is a legendary producer and songwriter. And Rayna is the reigning queen of country! OR IS SHE? And here's a fun fact for you: the Grand Ole Opry is in a giant outlet mall. Or, technically, I suppose, across the parking lot from one. You go hoping to find the ghost of Johnny Cash and instead are faced with a J. Crew Factory Store. Lots of weird feelings abound and you wind up wishing you had just toured the Ryman instead. Backstage, Rayna hugs Watty White and wonders where in the world she'd be without him. Well she certainly wouldn't be as strong a contender in the alliteration Olympics! (Side note: If you ever accidentally liked an Eagles song, actor J.D. Souther is quite possibly responsible.)

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