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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rayna

We then see Rayna warmly greet Coleman Carlisle and his wife Audrey. Cole is announcing his run for mayor next Monday and would like Rayna to sing a song. She's going to check with "Bucky," which I thought initially was a stupid nickname for her husband, but maybe is actually her manager? Even with repeated watchings, I was never entirely clear on this point. In any case, Rayna seems to really like Cole. He asks if her dad's there, and she says that he doesn't go for the hillbilly music. This is -- spoiler alert! -- because he is eeeeeeeeevillllllllllll.

Juliette then runs into Deacon backstage and gushes about what a big fan she is and how she has one of his early albums on vinyl. He makes some charmingly self-deprecating remarks and she continues to gush, and it almost seems genuine. After she leaves, Deacon makes a joke at the mandolin player's expense. This is just meant to distract from the fact that mandolin players always have the biggest penises. Meanwhile, Juliette is still gushing to manager guy about how much she loves Deacon, and manager guy says that he's the best. Juliette wonders why he's not in her band, and manager guy notes that Deacon has been with Rayna for over 20 years. He adds an ambiguous, "Hey, if you can get him..." which obviously foretells blowjobs. Scarlett's boyfriend, Avery, then actually bumps in to Juliette as they're passing in the hall. He apologizes and she says, "It's all right. You should try that again sometime. Only slower." In case you didn't infer it from her sequined dress and prominent d├ęcolletage, Juliette has a bit of a problem with the skankery. Scarlett is not amused, but can't get a cutting retort past her teeth before Juliette prances off.

Rayna then walks into a room full of suits, including Watty White. The other guys are manager producer label types and to be honest I can't tell any of them apart. White guys in suits sort of blend into each other after a while. Juliette comes in and her manager guy says that she's a big fan of Rayna's. Such a big fan, in fact, that she leaves Rayna hanging for a handshake. Cold as ice! Juliette gushes over Watty until he redirects her to Rayna. The handshake finally happens and while Rayna is quite complimentary, telling Juliette that she's burning up the charts, Juliette snidely says that her mama was one of Rayna's biggest fans and listened to her music while Juliette was still in her belly. Damn, bitch! Rayna is out of practice with Real Housewives-style female passive aggression, but manages to get in a dig about Juliette's prominent bosom. She also whips out a "Bless your heart," which is widely known to be southern for "Fuck you." While Rayna wonders what the hell that was about, Juliette smirks as her manager guy tells her that they have to work on the whole "be nice" bit. This is because she is emphatically NOT NICE. It's a subtly made point.

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