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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rayna

It turns out that that something involves going to Randy's apartment and asking about the three hit songs that she previously rejected. She wants to cut one and release it as a bonus track, but Randy says that they've already been recorded. Something tells me that one of them has something to do with boys and buses and pink Kleenex. Randy is very shifty as he says that he'd love to help, but has to finish Juliette before she heads out in a few weeks. I think we all know what kind of finishing he's talking about. Rayna is surprised to hear that he's working with Juliette, but apparently he needs any kind of job he can get to keep his ex-wives in the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed. Rayna asks why people listen to "that adolescent crap," which sounds like feral cats to her. As Randy gives a nervous glance upstairs Rayna delivers the kicker: "Why does everybody keep pretending she's good?" Aaaaaaand, cut to naked Juliette giving a death glare from between Randy's sheets upstairs. Well, I'm sure these two will be Thelma and Louise-ing it in no time.

One of the things that I'm sure will contribute to Rayna and Juliette's inseparable bond is their mutual appreciation of Deacon. He's playing at the Bluebird with a band of about four guys and a few invisible female backup singers. Seriously, where are those harmonies coming from? Is the magic of the Bluebird really in the fact that they have ghost singers with perfect pitch? His song is slow and lovely and mentions fireflies dancing in the yard and a blanket of stars and rusty string guitars, which is how you know that he has no problem getting the ladies despite the fact that he's wearing a Texas tuxedo. Juliette sits in the audience wearing a Britney Spears circa 2007 menswear hat and weeps at the beauty of Deacon's tune. See, she has feelings! They're normally just buried under all the sequins.

After Deacon is done playing he signs a few autographs and talks to Scarlett, who's waitressing. Her mom is coming to town and Deacon says that she can stay with him -- she's his sister, even though she's weird. I'm hoping this mom shows up and it's a crazy guest cameo, like Tanya Tucker or something. Avery approaches and asks if Deacon got his demo. An unimpressed Deacon asks what kind of music it is and Avery says it's alt-country punk but more cerebral. Deacon explains that in these parts "punk" is code for "can't play," and Avery calls him an old-timer and Deacon promises not to use the demo as a coaster. That's probably because he will use it as a Frisbee. All Deacon really wants is for Avery to be good enough for his favorite niece, which I'm guessing is an impossibility. Another young buck approaches, albeit one who is much more humble and lovely and CLEARLY a fantastic match for Scarlett. His name is Gunnar, and he also works at the Bluebird. Deacon has heard his demos and is much more impressed by them than Avery's. Gunnar is no fan of Avery either, and also clearly in love with Scarlett. Deacon explains that she has the family curse and will always pick the one who will break her heart. Oh, Deacon! So weathered and rugged yet sensitive! I bet HE would never try to convince Rayna to take money from her evil father!

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