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Blue Eyes Crying in the Rayna

We are then at rehearsal with Rayna, where she's singing a song about being fickle or not being fickle and it's her life or something or other. I mean, I guess it's technically better than singing about boys and buses. She keeps telling the sound guy to turn down the volume in her in-ear monitor, but eventually rips the earpieces out, throws them on the stage and storms off. In a minute she apologizes for having a diva dip and tells everyone to take lunch, and her manager guy tells her that she'll be singing two songs at Cole's mayoral announcement, and also reminds her about the meeting with the label on Monday. Marshall Evans will want to know her decision about "co-headlining."

Rayna pulls Deacon to go on a walk with her and complains about how the business makes her feel old. He notes that she's been wanting to do fewer shows now that the girls are in school, but she says that she wants that to be her choice. Deacon points out that Rayna can leave whenever she wants and come back whenever she wants. She's not an overnight sensation. However, to the best of his recollection, she is sensational overnight. Aaaaaaaand, there it is! Rayna tries to ignore this subtle plea to go at it right there on the bridge. She says that she's not ready to hang up her rhinestones, AND she doesn't want to let down everyone who's been banking on the tour -- especially Deacon. At this point he's forced to confess that Juliette offered him a job, along with the promise of co-writing and sexual favors. Well, he might not actually mention that last part. Rayna notes that Juliette has taken her producer and wants her bandleader, and wonders if she's going to come after her house next. Um, I'd say husband, actually, especially if he becomes the mayor.

Deacon asks Rayna why she never cut more of his songs. It turns out she felt weird about it since they are all about her. As Rayna's glorious hair waves in the breeze, she looks Deacon in the eye and says that she wishes she could do everything all over again. He asks what she'd change, and she says, "Nothing... everything." Deacon replies, "That makes two of us." And how these two don't start making out immediately is anybody's guess and, I'd add, a cause of great frustration. This show clearly has to go on for at least five seasons so they can get back together, right? As it is, we must be satisfied with them flirting for a minute and then looking sad. Rayna says that she doesn't want to hold Deacon back, and wants him to be happy. He says that she knows there's only one thing that's going to make him happy and he lost that a long time ago. Oh, I can't take it! Am I going to become a shipper now? Stay tuned for my Rayna/Deacon fanfic in future recaps. Harmonica solos may be involved! That is not a euphemism!

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