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Santa Claus is Coming
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Previously: Maddie discovered that Teddy was going to marry that pregnancy-faking whack-a-doo Peggy and was rightly horrified. Will entered into a fauxmance with Layla Grant under the quasi-side-eye of former gaymance lover Brent. Deacon plunked around on the piano a bit, which did not irritate his busted hand all that much. Scarlett and Avery boned. Rayna suggested that Luke Wheeler take Scarlett on tour with him and he kissed her right on the mouth in response. And Olivia Wentworth walked in on Juliette boning her husband, Charlie, as Juliette's lifelong "Bad Decisions Tour" continued its latest leg in his penthouse hotel suite.

We begin in Houston where a radio DJ named Bobby Delmont announces that Juliette is launching her "Inside the Dream" tour in the city. Juliette walks through a crowd of screaming fans and gets into a car, and she's followed out of the hotel by Layla and Will. We hear DJ Bobby Delmont say that this tour might be one of the rare occasions where the under card -- that would be Layla -- might be even better than the main event. From inside her car Juliette scowls and notes to Glen that "Santa Claus" (that's what gross slob DJ Bobby Delmont is known as for reasons we will discover later) has a thing for Layla. Glen says he can't believe that Delmont hasn't been fired yet and Juliette adds, "…Or arrested." What, for driving his sleigh with a headlight out?

We then cut to Rayna (who I'm sure has never had to do anything gross to forward her own career, ahem) being flirty on the phone. She's talking to Luke "This" Wheeler 's "on Fire" about…contracts. She wants to see it…in writing. Luke invites her to come over and get the contract, and she coyly notes that it seems like he's interested in a lot more than paperwork. Yeah, the rest of us got that when he laid the lip lock on you in the Bluebird parking lot. Rayna tells him to have his agent send the paperwork, and then they can talk about maybe getting together. On the spot, Luke writes a song about Red, White and Blue balls. Tandy walks in and is like, "You want to bang that guy, eh?" though Rayna claims she's just interested in the business end of him. Men are her last priority. Scarlett, however, needs to get out of town because the minute she steps in Jeff's studio her recordings will belong to Edgehill. Daphne then marches in to tell Rayna that Maddie doesn't want to sing at Teddy's wedding reception and won't practice. Young Maddie is taking the wrong approach here. I think a sweet sister harmony version of "Psycho Killer" would be way more effective. Once Daphne goes outside to play, per Rayna's directive, Rayna is free to complain to Tandy that no one is thrilled that Peggy Kenter is going to be a part of the family. It turns out that the girls still don't know that Peggy is pregnant, but should find out today. It's a good thing that Maddie's already gotten running away out of her system.

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