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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Meanwhile, Lamar pulls out his drawer of sentimentality. There is some sort of first prize ribbon, probably from the Society of Evildoing annul award ceremony. There are photos, too. First there's a photo of a little girl, then a lovely woman, then Lamar with his arm wrapped around what appears to be the same lovely woman. So, that's Rayna's mom I guess. He looks a little regretful for an evil guy so accustomed to evildoing. Oooh, and then we head over to Juliette's, where MethMom has just arrived. I'm surprised her luggage isn't a bandana tied to a stick. Jolene thanks Juliette and puts her arms around her. This is all too much for Juliette, who asks her security guard to stay with MethMom. Back at the recording studio, Watty tells Avery, "Your girlfriend's got it." This gives Avery a chance to introduce himself to Watty, which is, methinks, what he was scheming from the start. Well played, secretly bad boyfriend all along!

Oh, and THEN. We cut to Juliette in the supermarket, buying chips and queso in a jar. I mean, say what you will, that stuff is delicious. She has a hat on, which is of course not much of a disguise. Juliette picks up a bottle of nail polish, looks at it, then looks behind her. Three teenage girls are coming down the aisle. After she looks back at the nail polish, they realize that it's her and whip out their phones. Juliette doesn't seem to see that they recognize her. Instead she looks for a moment in the other direction, then slips the nail polish into her bag. It looks like we've got a little country Winona on our hands! And it's all caught on video.

Next week: Shoplifting scandale! Juliette's tour is off. Deacon and Teddy have a confrontation, and Gunnar gets a girlfriend!

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