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The phone rings, and it's Deacon. In a slightly awkward fashion, Teddy offers to take the girls to school so Rayna can take the call. Rayna answers, but then tells Deacon that she can't really talk because she has the girls, who have in fact just walked out the door. Deacon gets a beep and says it's his lawyer, and so Rayna just hangs up on him. The call from the lawyer, of course, is about yet another offer to join Juliette's tour. Deacon tells him emphatically to impart that the answer is still no.

And then it's time to check in with Scarlett and Gunnar. They're practicing a new song, and it's awesome. Their material really has been stellar. Hear the original version of this one, called "I Will Fall," here. Gunnar plays guitar and it turns out that Scarlett plays piano. No wonder she never thought of writing songs before! That would have been truly crazy for a musical poet living in Nashville whose uncle is a notable singer songwriter! Just as Scarlett and Gunnar are harmonizing and smiling at each other in a doe-eyed fashion, Avery walks in. They don't see him at first, but then, after he stares suspiciously at this cozy scene, he loudly drops his keys. The music stops, and as Avery "apologizes," Scarlett say that they were writing at Gunnar's but his dog wouldn't stop barking. Gunnar cracks that the dog hates blondes. Scarlett reminds Avery that they're meeting with Watty tomorrow, and perhaps to ease his somewhat strained reaction, Gunnar compliments Avery's guitar skills and says that he killed it at the Five Spot the other night. Avery gives an awkward thanks, then retreats to the bedroom, claiming that he'll try not to bark. Scarlett smiles as he walks out, then looks concerned.

Back at Rayna and Teddy's, their meeting with Joe, who is apparently their accountant, is not going so well. Given the fact that Teddy went bust with the development deal, plus the campaign costs (wouldn't Lamar be paying for those?), plus the lost income from the bigger tour, they've got to stop spending money. Joe tells them to "cut their monthly nut" in half. Monthly nut???? Is that what they're calling it these days? If they don't, Joe says, they'll be in serious trouble in a few months. Joe explains that they have assets but they aren't liquid. One option is to borrow on the house by taking a line of credit. Teddy worries about how this will look to voters and Joe says, "A lot better than declaring bankruptcy." It's a "joke." Bucky again mentions the possibility of Rayna touring with Juliette, which does not go over so well. Neither does Joe's suggestion that she borrow money from Lamar. Why doesn't Teddy borrow directly from Lamar to cover his campaign costs? I thought that was one of the benefits of being a rich man's pawn!

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