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Jolene, Jolene, Jolene, Jolene

Rayna heads to visit Lamar in his office, which is located in the sixth circle of Hell where the temperature best suits him. He "jokingly" asks if she's carrying any weapons after her display at the talent show. Rayna promises that she's unarmed, then lets Lamar know that she knows about her mom's affair. Lamar wonders what the point of talking about it all is, and Rayna says that after their mom's death he disappeared. He's been absent for her whole life, and when he's around he's being furious at her for the choices she's made. She's never understood why he hasn't been supportive. Lamar points out that he paid for her first record, which seems quite supportive, and Rayna wonders why he didn't tell her until 20 years later. Lamar says that Rayna is still his daughter (OR IS SHE, HMMMMM?) and, believe it or not, he cares about her happiness. He just wishes that she didn't put her own happiness in front of her family's. That's a similarity, he says, that she seems to have with her mother. Because that's not enough, Lamar adds that Rayna has proven to have the same disregard for her marriage as her mother did for theirs. Rayna then wins the whole episode by saying that she's sorry her mom hurt Lamar, but if he treated her the way he's treated Rayna, mommy dearest had no choice but to run in the arms of someone who was not only nice but could carry a tune. She thanks Lamar for the reminder of how truly awful he is, then leaves as she says she'll never take a penny from him.

Back at Juliette's, post-coital slumber is interrupted by a call from security. There's someone at the front gate who insists that she's Juliette's guest. We all know who that is! And so does Juliette, which is why she doesn't bring Deacon with her to the gate. There, of course, she finds MethMom begging to be let in. As you may have suspected, this is not a welcome surprise visit. Juliette tells her mother to go home, and that she's not welcome. Jolene swears that she's been clean for two weeks, and despite the fact that she actually does look a little bit better, Juliette doesn't believe it. She's heard it a million times. MethMom then rattles on about how her boyfriend left her and took all the money she had (which I can't imagine was very much money). She hitchhiked to Nashville! And now she's got nowhere to go. Juliette is basically like, "NO VACANCY!" Jolene yells, "I raised you!" This explains why Juliette is so messed up. Another resident of the community drives up to the gate, and Juliette tells Jolene that she's got to go. Jolene begs. She says that she has nowhere to go, and she needs Juliette. Juliette turns to look at her and says, "Well there was a time when I needed you too." She tells security to get her out and put her on a bus, or in a dumpster, or something. Anywhere but there. As security tries to wrestle Jolene away, Juliette walks back to her house with the most sad, pained crying face. The main theme of this show is that shitty parenting makes for best-selling country music, I think.

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