Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"
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Previously: Scarlett signed to Rayna's label and was treated to a meeting in the board room in her honor. Stacey existed. Rayna wanted to build a better relationship with Lamar, who survived a heart attack (or two). Scarlett and Gunnar's new neighbor Will didn't have chasing skirts in mind, a fact that will be reiterated in word and deed in this coming episode. New boyfriend/manager Dante brought out the worst in Juliette, and Tandy revealed to Teddy that Peggy leaked his divorce to the tabloids.

We open in Cincinnati, where Dante is taking a shower in the bathroom of Juliette's suite. It's wheels up in an hour, since they're heading back to Nashville. Emily has told Juliette that she has to move out of her house since the owners are coming back. Didn't she rent that, like, three months ago? She didn't bother to get a year lease? Dante wonders why she hasn't bought property yet, and Juliette explains that it's because she always thought she'd buy something when she had someone to share it with. Dante understands the desire to share a big moment with someone, and Juliette asks if he wants to go house hunting. KIDS TODAY! Maybe try buying, like, a set of pots and pans together first and see how it goes. But Dante agrees, mentioning that he has some friends in real estate and will put out some feelers. And nothing is sexier than a man with real estate connections, so Juliette bangs him in the shower, assuming that her own plane will wait for her since she's the boss. Though Dante's presence, like a very sketchy Tony Micelli, makes you wonder who, in fact, is the real boss.

Back at the tree trunk, Gunnar is reading one of Jason's old journals. It has song lyrics and "stuff like that." Before Scarlett can share in this moment of grief by singing a tender country song about the Rainbow Bridge, where not only devoted pets but criminal siblings wait to cross you over to the other side, Will comes storming in the yard on a motorcycle. He announces that he's got his first gig in town (the next day at 11:30 AM), which is apparently why he's wearing his finery of a Canadian tuxedo. Additionally, he traded his truck in for the motorcycle. He hands Gunnar the keys, asking if he'd like to take it for a spin. Gunnar of course would, and Scarlett manages not to be a nag while also reminding him that he has songs to get to Jeannie at the publishing house and to be careful.

And then we're post-flight with the Red Lips, White Lies crew. Deacon and Rayna depart the plane hand in hand, looking awfully friendly even though she's wearing one of Liam's old fedoras. He thinks it's unbelievable that Juliette didn't say a word to them the whole flight, but Rayna informs him that though he's not used to how she treats the rest of them like that all the time. But anyway, who wants to talk to Juliette?! They're both glad that they had a chance to catch up, and Rayna notes that it was a fun week. Deacon agrees. And then before they can just fall down and do it on the tarmac, Stacey comes running over to greet Deacon with a big hug. As Rayna smiles but can't hide her lying (about the fact that it's so charming to see Deacon happy with another lady) eyes, Bucky asks her about her schedule for the next few days. Rayna doesn't have the girls this week, and asks Bucky to set up times with both Scarlett (so they can discuss her contract with Rayna's label) and Liam (so they can finish the album and...other stuff).

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