Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"

We return to Juliette. Emily has returned Jolene to her apartment, where her counselor will stay with her through the night. Juliette then picks up the bag of pills from the table. Upon closer look, she notices that it contains a drug that can't be Jolene's -- she's allergic, and would stop breathing if she took it. Juliette learned that the hard way when she was ten. All of a sudden, Juliette wonders where Dante is. It turns out that he took the walk-around money about half an hour ago, and his phone is going straight to voicemail. Because that how it goes down when you've been grifted!

Scarlett approaches Avery as he's breaking down equipment from the show and asks if he's miserable. He says he's not, and is trying to make the best of a great opportunity. Scarlett is happy to see the version of Avery that she liked in the first place, and Avery says that he's trying to get back to being that person. He wonders why she's still around, and Scarlett says it's not every day that she gets to be backstage at an arena. In turn, Avery asks if she wants to be on stage. They both stand there and look out at the empty seats. It's a really lovely moment, ruined only by the stupid freaking ringlet popping out of Scarlett's scraggly-weave updo. I'm sure it's a sliding board for fairies or something.

And THEN. Oh, you guys. Rayna shows up at Deacon's house, and first wisely asks if he's by himself. He asks what's going on. Rayna says that she was at home, packing for St. Lucia, and it didn't feel right. She knows that Deacon is trying to move on with his life, and she's trying to move on with hers. BUT. BUT! She sort of shakes her head for a beat and tears well in her eyes as she tells Deacon that she loves him, and that's never not been true. Despite the double negative, it's a great moment. Chip Esten is perfect as Deacon when he asks, "Are you trying to kill me? What are you doing?" He notes that two hours ago she was heading off to bang Liam and told him to get back together with Stacey. Now she's standing on his porch telling him that she loves him. And then she tells him again that she loves him, and that's the truth. He can do with that information what he wishes, but she just needed to let him know. And so she did. Rayna turns to walk away, but only makes it a few steps before Deacon says, "Hey." And then the making out happens! And it is pretty glorious. Sigh, swoon, etc.

Things aren't going as well for Juliette. Emily tells her that, aside from the walking-around money, there's another $475,000 missing from her corporate account. She wants to call the police, but Juliette doesn't want anyone to know about this. She tells Emily to call Jolene and tell her that she doesn't have to go back to rehab. Emily wonders what Juliette wants to do about the house, and Juliette says she's buying it. It will be a good reminder to never trust anybody. I'm sure it's built on a pet cemetery or something.

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