Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"

Jolene has also shown up at the airport to meet Juliette, handing her a bunch of sad-looking daffodils. Juliette does not appear to be thrilled about this greeting, particularly when Jolene grabs Dante and says she needs to talk to him. She is SO not even there to see Juliette! I do feel that every jerk thing Juliette does to her mom is warranted. It turns out Jolene doesn't like her new sober companion and wants to work with Dante again, which is a huge surprise. Juliette reminds Jolene that she's not respecting the boundaries that they talked about, and has to go back to her apartment. They leave without even offering Jolene a ride. You know she hitched there or, like, took a jitney.

Meanwhile, Teddy is closing the deal for Subway Field. They even have Subway soft drinks on the table! The baseball team will be called "The Nashville BMTs" and Jared will be the mascot. The lady from Subway talks about the future success of the team and leaves. When she's gone, Teddy complains to Cole that Lamar's company will still get some work from the Metro contracts. Cole says that there's no way around that, and then Peggy walks in. She's all, "Excuse me Mr. Mayor, do you have our weekly beej penciled in?" Cole excuses himself, and when Peggy plants one on Teddy he does not respond in kind, telling her that they need to keep it discrete. She hasn't seen him all week and at least would like to have dinner or a drink or a handie, but he tells her that he has the girls and will try to call her later. And then he takes a call from his lawyer. Do you guys think that Peggy is going to kill Teddy and then herself when he dumps her? And if that DOES happen, would it not be awesome? Particularly if she's buried in a beret?

Scarlett has dinner with Deacon and Stacey, who is a proponent of takeout. Is this, along with the fact that she generally seems like a perfectly cool human, supposed to make us like her more? Because it's not working. Scarlett reveals to Stacey that Deacon has been known to eat cold spaghetti from a can, which really comes as no surprise. Though I would buy it if someone said that he lived solely on beef jerky. Gunnar hasn't showed up for dinner yet, and Deacon wonders if everything is okay with them. Scarlett admits that her solo contract with Edgehill turned things upside down a bit, and Deacon tells her to talk to Rayna about it -- if there's something she wants, she's gotta ask for it. This is advice that he, himself may take in about half an hour or so. Stacey runs off to get the door, and Scarlett basically tells Deacon that she's great and he should keep her. Deacon says, "Yeah, she's a good girl." Only he could say that in a way that makes you find him more charming.

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