Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"

And then we're in the studio with Rayna and Liam, YAY. I know that he's really just a distraction to drag out Rayna and Deacon's reunion, but in my heart of hearts I am still kind of Team Liam. Even with his skinny scarves. It's late-night, and Liam was happy to field Rayna's last-minute call since he'll take time with her whenever he can get it. Rayna asks Liam to play the Nashville show with her, admitting that they have a great time together on stage. Liam agrees, and is glad that Rayna is doing so much better than when they last saw each other and she was sobbing on his bathroom floor. But remember how awesome he was? And how sexy he is now? Lamar's illness has given Rayna some newfound perspective, and she says she wants to live in the moment. She feels freer than she ever has. Liam asks, "How free?" and she gives him THE EYES. And if you have THE EYES looking at you out of hair like that, you kiss a lady. They start making out on the studio couch until Bucky comes and cockblocks them like the dorky uncle that he is. He asks how things are going and gives them a thumbs up, while Rayna and Liam giggle like teenagers.

After a break, Will and band are charming a crowd full of ladies who have no qualms about drinking beer at 11:30 AM. Gunnar is in the audience as well, and rocks out in his subtle, understated way. As Will and the band take a break and he heads to greet Gunnar, a curly-headed blonde asks for his autograph. Will asks for a phone number instead, because he is SUCH a LADIES MAN. If there's one thing he loves more than his cowboy hat, it's pussy! Gunnar is impressed at Will's swagger, not just with the ladies but on stage. Will is happy enough to school him in the MANLY ARTS if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Meanwhile, Rayna and Tandy bring Lamar home. Somehow, he seems even MORE crotchety than before the heart attack, and has to remind his daughters that he's neither dead nor dottering. "Dead Nor Dottering" is totally going to be the name of my new country band. He then proceeds to be nice to his nurse, at least. Tandy and Rayna make haste in getting out of their childhood house of nightmares, and we learn that Rayna is staying with Tandy. But enough with small talk! Rayna announces that she kissed Liam and that, in fact, they made out. Tandy asks if Rayna wants it to happen again. DUH. Rayna says that she doesn't know, before adding that Liam's really hot. Tandy is a proponent of a Liam fling, because Tandy is a wise woman. Rayna asks if going to second base with Liam makes her slutty. Nay, it makes her lucky. Go forth and bone Liam while you are still neither dead nor dottering, says I!

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