Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"

At Soundcheck rehearsal studios, Deacon and the band are waiting around while Juliette and Dante schmoopily look at house listings. Deacon approaches them, hoping that they can run through "Undermine." She suggests that he and the band run through it themselves, and he points out that the band members have lives and families they haven't seen in a long time. While everyone's happy to work, it doesn't seem like Juliette is all that interested in it today. Juliette notes that she works harder than anyone there, and Dante tells Deacon to stop complaining and go back to leading the band. Deacon has had it OFFICIALLY and says that, with Juliette not listening to him and him sure as hell not listening to Dante, he might need to be done. He'll finish out this leg of the tour, but suggests that Juliette get herself a new bandleader. Her response? "It's fine. You're replaceable." Juliette's streak of good decisions continues unabated! Deacon sends the band home.

Teddy meets with his lawyer, who confirms that Peggy was the leak. As he learns this, the fourteen extra testicles he's grown while banging Peggy shrivel down to raisin-size proportions. Wah-wahhhhhh.

Meanwhile, Scarlett meets with Rayna. They're in an office full of enlarged album covers, one of which is some mighty '80s looking Rayna Jaymes glory. From a distance, she looks like Paula Poundstone. Is that a perm? How do you explain this, Connie Britton? Rayna is excited to go through Scarlett's music and figure out what they'll use for her first single, and talk about setting up a tour. But Scarlett wants to talk about Gunnar, and how his brother died the day before their audition. She has an instinct for how to get Rayna to give Gunnar a second chance, which is essentially to compare the two of them to Rayna and Deacon. And as we've now seen, Rayna herself may have been in possession of a scraggly weave once upon a time.

While Scarlett is advocating for Gunnar, the man himself is getting advice from Will on how to win over a crowd of ladies. It basically involves eyeballing the prettiest girls in various sections of the audience and making them think that you're heterosexual. He suggests that Gunnar try out his newfound learning at open mic night at Tootsie's. Gunnar, I think, is already drunk and so susceptible to influence.

Back at Soundcheck, Jolene shows up, once again unannounced and unwanted and not respecting boundaries. But, she has news! She saw Dante kissing another woman on lower Broad Street. Juliette is not having any of Jolene's "crazy" "accusations," but Dante does admit that he was on lower Broad, where he saw a "friend" named Esme, who he sponsored a few years back. She's a realtor, and brought a particular house to Dante's attention. But the real problem here is that Jolene is a stalker. Well, ONE of the real problems. Juliette tells Jolene to get out before she's thrown out.

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