Take These Chains From My Heart

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"Does That Make Me Slutty?"

Meanwhile, Stacey finds Deacon backstage and wonders why he never came back. He tries to shrug it off, but Stacey is wise. She asks if, when Deacon came back to see her last week, he was actually there to see Rayna and her father in the hospital. Stacey is smart enough to read the paper, it turns out. Deacon says that he was in town to see Stacey, and just stopped by to see Rayna on his way home. He apologizes, since he should have told her that. Stacey, because she is a straight-shooter who we actually would enjoy having a beer with if Rayna and Deacon weren't destined to be together for all time, asks if Deacon still has feelings for Rayna. To his credit (kind of), Deacon simply says, "Yeah." He mentions their long history, and says that though he's trying it's not quite out of his blood. He says that he wants to be with Stacey, but is just trying to be honest. He miiiiight have tried that a few months ago. Stacey storms off and Deacon follows her. She says she needs a little time, and then all of a sudden Rayna is there hovering. And so Stacey storms off again.

Rayna asks Deacon if everything is okay. He gets a very Deacon look about him as he first says yes, but then doubles back and tells her that it isn't. She asks what's the matter, and Deacon simply says, "You." He's tried forever to fight the thing between the two of them, and just when he thinks he gets there...well, you know what happens. He doesn't even have to finish the sentence. Liam appears with his skinny scarf and fedora to ask if Rayna's ready. Rayna tells Deacon that she and Liam are going to St. Lucia together, and he needs to call Stacey and make it right. Which...COLD. Even as pro-weekend-in-St.-Lucia-banging-Liam as I am, at this moment you DO just really want Rayna and Deacon to admit that they are destined to be together (at least until he learns about Maddie's paternity!) and just start making out. So, all in all, this episode does ultimately take us where we want to go. I just wish there had been a hot-times-in-St.-Lucia episode before we got there. Also I both love and hate this show for making me have actual FEELINGS about all this. Deacon looks at Rayna with his smoldering, sad eyes and it just about kills me.

We cut to Cole and Tandy having dinner together. She notes that Lamar is recovering from his heart attacks, but there will still be changes coming to the company. Lamar's not retiring, but Tandy says that she and Cole both know that it's time for him to take a step back. She'd like to propose a new alliance -- one that's truly for the betterment of Nashville. It'll be the two of them, like old times. And I must admit to raising an eyebrow at that remark, which suggests to me that these two were at one point down with the swirl. Tandy says that they both know Teddy is a terrible mayor, and if Cole were to take a look into Teddy's past -- specifically the Cumberland deal -- it might help him if he ever needs ammunition. Though the political subplot still feels like filler between the juicier scenes, I will say that I enjoy the trend of Tandy becoming a little more interesting.

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