There'll Be No Teardrops Tonight

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No Strings

In other potentially child-traumatizing things, Rayna and Liam are having shots and peanuts at a country line dancing dive bar. See, now that looks like fun. Liam asks if they're just going to drink all night or if Rayna's going to tell him what's up, and she reminds him that he said he didn't care to hear about her problems. He admits that he lied, which is apparently charming enough for Rayna to steal his fedora. I personally feel that this move is beneath her, and so choose blame it on the bourbon. Rayna says that what she likes most about Liam is that he doesn't know a damn thing about her. Oh, sure he does! They were BFFs in bean dip for a hot minute, after all. Liam also knows that Rayna is getting drunk. She denies it, but then knocks over his shot and giggles, which is a sure sign of drunkenness. But who cares about wasted shots and wasted ladies! It's time for some line dancing. Rayna pulls Liam onto the floor over some mild objection, telling him that he should have kept the cowboy boots she gave him. Nice recall. Probably better than bringing up whatever dirty deal he was doing behind her back, though I would like to have just a little resolution to that particular plot point. Rayna puts Liam's arm around her and prepares to teach him the two-step, which she claims is the easiest dance in the world. It involves a quick-quick-slow step pattern, and also apparently lots of eye fucking. This is EXACTLY how it went down with Jack White and Loretta Lynn, you will be interested to know.

Back at tour HQ, Glenn is calling his own little on-stage meeting with Juliette's crew. He's looked at Juliette's "suggestions" for the remainder of the tour. While he's not outright saying to disregard them, he wants everyone to come to him first before actually implementing them. Everyone looks very nervous, which is exactly the right instinct. Maybe HIS head is going to end up on Rayna's pillow.

Meanwhile, Scarlett has figured out that Jason is Gunnar's criminal-on-the-lam brother. She knows a lot about parole laws, apparently, and is very aware that Jason should not be crossing state lines. Gunnar then gets a pleading look, saying that Jason just needs a couple days and a couch to crash on to figure things out. Showing both spine and smarts that are quite pleasant, Scarlett replies, "And that's called harboring a fugitive, nope!" Gunnar insists that Jason isn't a fugitive, before admitting that of course he actually is a fugitive. He starts to tell her that the situation is complicated, but Scarlett shuts him right down and basically says that Jason can send them a postcard from Texas.

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